Tweeps already knew @raissawriter was not short lady as early as 4PM on February 8 but…

When news that Raissa Robles was accused of being the “short lady”, I found it preposterous that I told tweeps to be careful. I did not ask Raissa because I believed she is not the “short lady”. Her husband @hotmanila said I should have asked if the story was true and get her side. I already knew her side. I believe most of her articles are anti-Corona but short lady? NO.

The news started in Facebook then moved on to Twitter. Someone showed me the accusations through a screencap from Facebook.

People just wanted to believe what they wanted to believe.

Here is the exchange of tweets where @raissawriter as Raissa Robles denies she is the short lady.

It was only a day after these tweets that Raissa posted her side of the story.

I get highlights of the impeachment trial from Wilfred Avila , guest contributor who is a Facebook user. It is also unfortunate that he was unaware of the denials from Raissa in twitter. I posted his highlights just the same because it was news that was all over twitter and facebook. I admit my mistake was not adding the screencap of Raissa’s denial right away assuming that people knew the news was FALSE. I only added the screencap of Raissa’s denials three hours later when @benign0 initially cited Wilfred’s article as the source. I had to explain again that she denied she is the “small lady”.

No, I do not publish first, clarify later. I knew the truth before the article was published. I learned three things though:

1. I assumed people in Facebook already knew she was not “short lady”.

2. I should have posted another article to say that she was NOT short lady.

3. No matter how much one explains the truth, one will still choose to believe what they want to believe.

Tweeps already knew @raissawriter was not short lady as early as 4PM on February 8 but some just refused to believe it. I am not in control of these people who want to believe what they want to believe.

Lessons learned.

I learn a lot everyday and I appreciate the feedback.

Here was the twitter conversation where Raissa denied in twitter