Housing Project Turnover for AFP and PNP

Trece Martires, Cavite- President Benigno S. Aquino attended the symbolic turnover of the 1,500 units of houses for AFP and PNP Personnel. Located at Ciudad Adelina 2 at Baranggay Luciano, Trece Martires City at Cavite and more than 2000 visitors and volunteers attended the event.

Vice President of the Philippines Jejomar Binay arrived 1 hour earlier from the President and gave a powerful speech.In full force for this event were PCOO Secretary Sonny Coloma, National Housing Authority General Manager Chito Cruz, representatives from different districts of Cavite, Mayor Melendres de Sagun, EPPC Commissioner Milagros Kilayko, EPPC Commissioner Cesar Sarino, Cavite Vice Governor Recto Catombuhan and more high profile personnel that made the project possible.

The cost per unit is Php 175,000.00 with more or less than 21 square meters in area per unit. For 1500 units it will be divided equally ( 750 units ) to the PNP and AFP. More or less, the complete project will have 21,000 units over all.

Good news from the President was that there will be another 20,000 more units as a continuing housing program for AFP and PNP around the nation. Some media asked if there will also plans of the same project for the teachers. The President told everyone that the future plans will not only be for the teachers but for more Filipinos in need of shelters.

There’s a five questions allotted for the event and majority was related to the Chief Justice on trial and the recent news about PAGCOR. The event was one of a kind for the President and Vice President to be together is very seldom to happen. VP Jejomar Binay arrived by land while the President was in a helicopter. After the speech, all executives check abd tour the area. With yellow flags distributed for everyone, the event was also like a pre EDSA event in celebration to the 26 years anniversary.