CHEd issues new tuition guidelines for 2013-2014

In response to the growing clamor to regulate tuition hikes and various fees, the Committee on Higher Education (CHEd) presented during the forum a new set of guidelines on tuition increases and consultation processes. A powerpoint presentation (see below) outlined the features of the new guidelines, however, no copy of the memo was provided to the forum.

According to CHEd, the new memo will expand the requirement for consultations to include other school fees aside from tuition. The new memo will replace CHEd Memo Order 13, issued in 1998, which only covers tuition increases. Students have criticized CMO 13 as a “failure” to act as a supposed regulatory framework, pointing to the unabated rise in tuition rates and flawed consultation processes as proof.

In its new memo, CHEd cited Supreme Court rulings in Lina vs. Carino and St. Joseph College vs St. Joseph College Workers Association, which they say contain basis for CHEd’s power to regulate tuition rates.

With its new memo, CHEd promised that it will ensure “reasonableness on tuition and other school fees” while “balancing interests of stakeholders and encouraging private support through the sustainability of school operations in consideration of the prevailing regional inflation rate.”

CHEd said it will consider, to determine reasonableness, among other things: the inflation rate, financial standing of the school, financial capacity of the general studentry, impact of force maheure or calamities, track record of the school and mission vision of the school.

CHEd also promised more stringent monitoring, support and cooperation with student councils and organizations in the implementation of the guidelines.

The memo however, will not be implemented this year but in school year 2013-2014, which means CMO 13 will still cover the current consultation processes. Continue reading at CHEd inutile vs rising education costs

CHED New Policies on Tuiton and Other School Fees