Video: Understanding democracy and the rule of law

“A lie told often enough becomes truth” Vladimir Lenin

I discovered this video on HACIENDA FILIPINAS: PATAY KANG BATA KA! by PinoyMonkeyPride that explains how democracy is supposed to work in our country, and how rule of law should prevail. A few screen caps are illustrated above.

In the light of Chief Justice Corona’s impeachment, evidence is being brought forth even before the trial started. What for? So that the public is aware of the impeachment process or to form an opinion of conviction?

Do we really want a trial by publicity? What if this happened to you? We should always be innocent until proven guilty. There is due process under a democracy.

It is my belief that readers should be presented with both sides, to understand the truth and form opinions based on facts. One should never depend on one source even if you voted for the President or not.

Just because there is a popular leader does not always mean he is right. “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”, whether the President may not be intentionally promoting a lie and may just believe an illogical or faulty proposition. Our constitution tells us that the Filipino people are always considered to be the ultimate source of power and that public welfare is the be all and end all for all public officials. The power of the citizens lies in informed decisions based on all sides of the equation. Citizens need to discern and do their own research from trusted friends , traditional and online sources , whether these are from the administration, or opposition.

This is what I will do to understand the impeachment process and the rule of law:

1. Understand the impeachment process. (Take note that this is written by a pro-administration lawyer)

2. Read the Full text of the Articles of impeachment . You can also download the document.

Full Text of Impeachment Complaint Against Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona

3. Watch this video explain that the President, the Senate and Congressmen are there for the people because they were elected but it doesn’t mean they are God and dictate the law without due process. (Take note that this is produced by those that oppose the actions of the administration)

Impeach Corona! Jail Arroyo! Arrest Palparan! Pero dapat daanin sa tamang proseso gamit ang tamang ebidensya. Kung ipagpapaliban mo ang Due Process at Rule of Law, eh di wala kang kinaibahan sa mga Ampatuan na ginawa lang ang gusto nila, gamit ang taglay nilang kapangyarihan, simply because “They Can”.

O tulad ng mga rebelde na kumakatay ng mga sundalo natin, tapos magtatago sa saya ng Commission on Human Rights (CHR).

Si Presidente, mga Senatong at Tongressman, ay nakapuwesto dahil sila ay nakalamang sa botohan. Hindi dahil itinalaga sila diyan ng Diyos.

Simula bata pa, araw-araw tayong nanunumpa sa watawat. Umaawit ng Lupang Hinirang. Ang mga pulitiko, nanunumpa bago manungkulan. Na pu-protektahan ang Bansa, ang Republika ang Demokrasya.

Pero bakit pag oras na para tumayo at gawin ang dapat. Pag oras na para ipagtanggol ang mga nabanggit, bakit parang maraming rason. May pagdadalawang isip. Maraming “baka”.
Kaya may Saligang Batas upang maprotektahan tayo, mga mamamayan, mula sa komplikadong pamamalakad ng gobyerno.
Ang mga Hukbong Katihan at Kapulisan natin ay obligadong protektahan ang mga mamamayan, hindi ang mga pulitiko na ibinoto.

Kunsintihin mo ang nagaganap na Railroading. Pero oras na ni-railroad nila ang inyong ama at ina, inyong kapatid, inyong asawa, inyong anak. Anong magagawa nyo? Isapa-Diyos na lang?

Baka batukan nya kayo sa ginagawa nyo. Biniyayaan tayo ng UTAK tapos hindi nyo GAGAMITIN?

Kung nabubuhay si Rizal at Bonifacio, ano sa tingin nyo ang iti-tweet nila tungkol kay De Lima, Lacierda, Carandang, Pnoy, ABSCBN at mga Lopezes?

Bahala na kayo. Basta sa huling hantungan ng buhay nyo, sa huling hininga nyo, huwag na huwag nyong ipagmamalaki na nabuhay kayong malaya at naging tapat sa bansa at sa watawat.

Sapagkat kahiyahiya ang pagbenta ng dignidad para sa interes ng mga haciendero.

Pilipinas ang bagong hacienda nila. At sila ang boss natin!

What about you? Do you want to the whole truth?

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado is a Content Strategist with over 13 years experience in blogging, content management, citizen advocacy and media literacy and over 23 years in web development. Otherwise known as @MomBlogger on social media, she believes in making a difference in the lives of her children by advocating social change for social good.

She is a co-founder and a member of the editorial board of Blog Watch . She is a resource speaker on media literacy, social media , blogging, digital citizenship, good governance, transparency, parenting, women’s rights and wellness, and cyber safety.

Her personal blogs such as (parenting) , (recipes), (gadgets) and (lifestyle), keep her busy outside of Blog Watch.


I am an advocate. I am NOT neutral. I will NOT give social media mileage to members of political clans, epal, a previous candidate for the same position and those I believe are a waste of taxpayers’ money.

I do not support or belong to any political party.

She was a Senior Consultant for ALL media engagements for the PCOO-led Committee on Media Affairs & Strategic Communications (CMASC) under the ASEAN 2017 National Organizing Council from January 4 -July 5, 2017. Having been an ASEAN advocate since 2011, she has written extensively about the benefits of the ASEAN community and as a region of opportunities on Blog Watch and

Organization affiliation includes Consortium on Democracy and Disinformation

Updated Juky 15, 2019

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