The Rufus Drama and Weak House Leadership

Congresswoman Kimi Cojuangco was right, we always see the same Representatives monopolizing the plenary session to deliberately delay proceedings on RH Bill. Just this afternoon, Cagayan De Oro Representative Rufus Rodriguez staged a huge drama act which can be rightfully classified as Elevator Acting.

It all happened so fast, Rep. Cojuangco rose on a question of privilege, then Rodriguez raised a Point Of Order. The next thing we know the session is adjourned and Rodriguez was all berserk about the quorum, ultimately accusing the House Secretariat of rigging the attendance in order to show that there is quorum.

At this point, there is no question on handling the precedence of motions. My main problem here is the seemingly inconsistent acts of the House Leadership in handling the previous sessions. I am very much disappointed on how Representative Remulla handled the sessions. The last time when I attended the session, he totally ignored a point of order raised by Rep Susan Yap of Tarlac making it possible for Rep Golez to raise a motion deferring RH discussion of RH Bill on a latter date. While that motion was not taken due to a motion to adjourn, it is sad that it appears that Remulla is leading the house without knowing the basics of House Rules. It happened again this time– he and Majority Floor Leader Neptali Gonzales adjourned session out of panic.

I have several tactical propositions in my mind countering the point of order raised by Rodriguez. My point here is that the people expect the House Leadership to be quick-witted when it is apparent that some of the Members are deliberately hijacking a measure. Anti-RH representatives are all out there delaying the proceedings while what we currently have are leaders without spines to counteract the dilatory tactics. When the debates on an important bill such as the RH Bill is being diminished to a mere parliamentary warfare, the House Leaders should at the point intervene and deflect all the dilatory tactics at all cost!

If these things will continue and if the leaders allow the other side to delay the proceedings ad infinitum, sad to say that the House Leaders seem to have no balls to be on their positions.

And as for that Rufus hullabaloo, I hope the House should at least reprimand the representative for his unbecoming acts.