Twitter reaction: EDSA to Cory Avenue? No way…

Bohol Representative Rene Relampagos “filed a bill to rename Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) after Cory Aquino, the former president, democracy icon and mother of President Benigno Aquino III.” He said EDSA has become synonymous with People Power revolution and democracy, which installed Aquino as president after the long years of dictatorship.

The news became the butt of jokes on the second anniversary of Ampatuan massacre and even caused a trend in Twitter.

Many thought there was no need to change. Marga Deona thinks “EDSA’s fine. No need to rename. Respect for Cory but no to EDSA becoming Cory Ave.” @Puretuts ask “Beside why EDSA? Pwede naman ang C5 or any road”.

Others think it is a waste of time and could have been used to passing important bills. Boo Umaly says “I know Noy isn’t the one filing the bill to change EDSA to Cory Ave., but come on… Aren’t there more important issues to worry about?”

The jokes ranged from Kris Aquino avenue to Bimby Avenue. @xxxrianxxx suggests “Rename Burgos Street in Makati as Kris Aquino Road. RT @limbertqc: @momblogger @missjover Bimby Road pwede sa iskinita ng Ermita. or Pwede rin Tessie Aquino-Oreta Dance Hall. Peping Cojuangco Sports Club. Noynoy Aquino Shooting Range.” Ang Mungo thinks “Where Cory led rallies more often than EDSA was Ayala Ave. Maybe it should be Ayala Ave that should be renamed. #renameEDSAdaw”

@jayr_12 forsees something in the future. ” if EDSA is changed to Cory Aquino Ave, we’ll see this tweet in the future “tang inang Cory Aquino ‘to, traffic na naman” Others joked about the avenues that one would traverse in the future. @meadpaul imagines this scenario . “Paopao(galing states): Ma, sundo mo ako sa ninoy aquino airport. Mama: Ok anak traffic sa Cory Aquino ave. Pao: Sa Kris Aquino Blvd ka daan”

Gleaning from the Twitter reactions, this bills renaming EDSA to Cory Avenue will meet a lot of resistance.

Here are some twitter reactions.