Nielsen Media Industry Update on latest consumer behavior in the region

Justin St. Pierre Director, Nielsen Media (NM) Incite presented “Millions of Consumers are Talking – Are You Listening?”

NM Incite is the global measurement standard in social media. Consumer generated media (CGM) which consists of content created by consumers on blogs, online discussion boards, forums and other social media platforms, is one of today’s fastest growing online segments. Effectively measuring, interpreting and acting on CGM is a key competitive advantage for today’s consumer-centered brands

How large is the opportunity?

35% or 13M Filipinos use the Internet in the last 12 months based on the Nielsen Media Index Q2 2011 while 82% Regularly use Social Networking Sites use Yahoo!-Nielsen Net Index 2011.
80% use Facebook
25% use Youtube
8% use Twitter

The above-mentioned figure has been clarified by a letter to Carlo Ople from Nielsen.

The 13M number is actually just for Filipinos above 10 years old living across 22 urban cities and not for the entire country.

It cannot be denied that social media is the fastest growing media in history . Today over 3 in 5 internet users engage in social media largely driven by real world connections and the desire to view and contribute to reviews of products and services. Users average 55 minutes on Facebook every day. 26% of online discussion mentions a product, service or brand.

This matters to consumer brands because exposure to buzz drives purchase intent. Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20-25% of all purchasing decisions.

Businesses are learning about the perils and promise of social media and recognizing that there is a great opportunity to take social across the enterprise.

Here is a preview of the study:

Millions of Consumers are Talking – Are You Listening-Nielsen-NM Incite

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