Nielsen Media 3rd quarter: OFW Families, Health Index and Advertising Expenditure

This third quarter Nielsen Media results touched on three important topics: OFW Families, Health Index and Advertising Expenditure plus products with celebrity endorsers. Below are highlights of the findings and downloadable PDF File.

Media Spend

Overall growth in spend for traditional media is 15%, TV is posting 77% share on total

– Advertisers continue to support TV with more coming in compared to same period
last year, as it become stronger with increased spend, spots and minutes

– Radio and Print both improved in spend however still short to outdo last years
– Nestle and L’Oreal continue to lead the advertisers with most growth YOY
– With growing business in events, concerts and entertainment, new player entered
top 20 advertisers, Ovation Production

– Most of the product categories are using celebrity endorsers. Kris Aquino turned
out the top TV endorser followed by John Lloyd Cruz

OFW Beneficiaries Study

– OFW deployment still increasing each year, reaching a total of 1.4 Million in 2010. As a result, OFW remittances also grew reaching USB 18.7B in 2010

– OFW families have slowly improved living conditions. The DE sector from the OFW families lessened to 48% in 2011 from 66% in 2007.

– 83% or the majority claimed to get their receives remittance once a month

– 96% claimed that the remittance received is spent on Household Needs such as utility bills, food, home rental and education

– 2 out of 10 OFW families saves or invests a portion of the remittance received. Keeps a savings account, invests on real estate or insurance.

– Media exposure is relatively higher, except TV viewing, compared to the general household population and, are more inclined to go to malls, supermarkets and restaurants.

Health Index

Key Findings
– 33% of Past Year Alcohol Drinkers consume alcohol at least once a week at home and less than once a month elsewhere

– Only 18% of the urban population smoke cigarettes, 5 years ago it was 23%

– Among the 40+

  • Heart ailment ie. High blood pressure claimed as most common health problems
  • Over-the-counter or prescribed medicines are consumed more than branded herbal medicine

– Branded Herbal Medicine

  • Tend to be more females, 50+, slightly have more upper class users than the
  • More health conscious than users of OTC or prescribed medicine

Media Spend Jan-Sep 2011

Media Index OFW Beneficiaries (2011)

The Nielsen Health Index 2011