Parangal para kay Gat. Jose Rizal

June 17, 2011 More than 100 attendees from professors to students honored Dr. Jose P. Rizal (JPR) as the Bayaning Environmental Planner. Received by the Philippine National Hero descendants like Mia and Tato Faustmann, Tweetums Gonzales and Amelia Garcia Yulo, the event was a success especially with a Birthday cake and a Birthday song but started first with the Philippine National Anthem and a Prayer.

The president of Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) Antonio D. Kalaw welcomed everyone with the introduction of the school and how Dr. Jose P. Rizal works was an important part of the society and today’s role model. The first speaker was the head of Knight of Rizal, Mr. Lapuz and according to him, JPR was a social thinker. He liked to demolish the status quo and that Filipinos deserved to have faith, happiness and prosperity.

The Chairperson of National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) Diokno read the speech with passion. According to her, Jose P. Rizal wrote elegantly and that the causes of under-development or “backwardness” is laziness, cowardice and corruption among others. She also said that Jose P. Rizal recognized the weakness of Filipinos with the absence of opposition and initiative. One striking statement from her includes “ The mother who teaches only to just kneel and kissed is a blind obedience.”

The head of the NHCP also said that folding arms will not fulfill anything or pretending to do more but really doing nothing. Rizal teachings is not to bask in remorse, or appear to act. One should understand the situation and act wisely.

The great grand daughter of Narcisa, sister of Jose P. Rizal says there is nothing special about being related to the National hero. When she was still in grade school and told her classmates about it, they just laughed and didn’t believed her. Right now she owns and handles a Ballet School in Makati City.

The Thank You speech from the descendants of JPR was from Mia Faustmann. She said that the situation in the Philippines right now is the same as the time of Jose P. Rizal when women are still deprived of their rights. This time around it is the Reproductive Health Bill. One of the descendants in attendance was also active in showing her support by speaking and joining a rally in Ayala Alabang and show her opposition about the Brgy Bill 001. The bill is still pending in the Sangguniang Bayan of Muntinlupa. Two Reproductive Health Bill advocates gave them the Purple Ribbon buttons that day. Tweetums Gonzales daughter, Panjee Tapales is also showing her support for the passage of the Reproductive Health bill through social media network.

Congressman Jalosjos who was also in the event said that he supports the bill but not the Divorce bill which is also an issue and talk of the town recently because of the opposition of the Roman Catholic Church.

Overall, the event was a success with kutsinta, putong Binan, Pansit, turon and sagobis as miryenda and a giveaway calendar from NHCP.