One Day to Inspire

150 years on and his memory and accomplishments strongly live on. Dr. Jose Rizal, national hero and a most distinguished example for Filipinos to emulate.

One Day to Inspire

© Moira G. Gallaga

Of peace he wrote, for freedom he fought,
Freedom for the Philippines is what he sought,
To drive the Spanish from land and sea.
Hallmark of an accomplished and lasting legacy.

His beautiful land, the islands he treasured,
His people he loved, a love that could not be measured,
For them he would fight, for them he would die,
For them he would see freedom’s flag fly.

Seven of eleven, of middle birth was he,
Of expectations; he exceeded quite easily
Oceans of wisdom he seemed to possess,
Freedom’s call, and a loving caress.

His death a call, one day to inspire,
His people, his land, a unified desire,
To reclaim their land, each and every bit,
To one day be free, and be proud of it. ©