Manoling Morato Press Conference (again)

June 17, 2011- Manuel “Manoling” Morato talked with at A. Venue Suites in Makati City and this time with more fire after the alleged cancellation of another press conference from that same day with the tri-media. According to Mr. Morato, the media didn’t have a choice because someone from PCSO office allegedly threatened that if the press conference continued, the PCSO will not pay their advertisements to these media entities. Morato said there is no freedom of the press right now in the country and that sad event only proves and that reminds him of Martial Law.

Manoling Morato disseminates “WE STAND BY THE TRUTH” sheets with signatures from The former PCSO chairman Sergio Valencia, former PCSO General Manager Rosario Uriate, former PCSO director Raymundo Roquero, former PCSO director Jose Taruc and his signature that tackles about what they claim as the truth against all statements from the current PCSO officials.

‘Points of clarification” sheet he gave to blogwatch stated the following:

1. On April 8, 2011, TMA Group of Companies from Australia filed the complaint for specific performance with prayer for temporary and preliminary mandatory and prohibitory injunction against PCSO to stop the cancellation of the contract and resume implementation.

2. On April 13, 2011, The regional Trial court of Makati City issued an order for PCSO to maintain status quo. The order was served to PCSO on even date.

3. On April 15, 2011, PCSO issued a Board resolution signed by Chairman Margie Juico, Director Tolentino and Director Nantes declaring the joint venture between TMA and PCSO null and void. This is a defiance of trhe order dated April 13, 2011.

4. PCSO in nullifying the contract with TMA cited the April 4, 2011 opinion rendered by the Office of the Government Councel (OGCC).

The said OGCC opinion, however, said that “In the present state of things, the CJVA between PCSO and TMA has by now passed the negotiation stage and the contract is already perfected as evidenced by their execution on December 4, 2009.

“Nobody can take the law into his hands, hence, the intervention of the court necessary to declare the absolute nullity of the contract and to decree the restitution of what has been given under it.”

With the above declaration and conclusion of the OGCC, PCSO cannot unilaterally declare the joint venture as null and void, more so when a TRO has been obtained by TMA.

With almost three hours Press conference and amultiple pages of Press release from Mr. Morato, these are the striking words from him?

1. “Who would know that another Armida (Siguion Reyna) would surfaced in my life again who is more sadistic because Armida is bruha (on Margie Juico).

2. “Pare pareho sakin ang tao. I don’t care if the president will come here, a driver or a poor person.”

3. “Buhay lahat ang tinulungan ko, sila all patay. Ano ang mahalaga Buhay o Patay?”

4. “Silence only proves that she is guilty”

5. “Wag nyo akong iboto ang iboto nyo ay yung presidente ko” (On his senatorial race last time)

6. “Sue me!”

With the incumbent chairman of PCSO and the former head throwing stones to each other, the last few questions from the conference last night were “ Kailan titigil si Manoling Morato?” and “ Just to confirm that, you asked Margie Juico for the HARAPAN like situation or face to face with the media but she declined?” With what’s happening with both of them, the public are just listening and confused on who is telling the truth. In the end the public still needs the truth.

Recorded video of #blogwatch chat with Manoling Morato