Man uses Twitter to save his life!

Christopher John Furtado, age 50 from California has found a rather interesting way to use Twitter, to lose over 140 lbs, and in the process, save his life. We interviewed Mr.Furtado, and this is what he had to say.

I just turned 50 years old on 6-21-11. I realized that I am not going to live much longer if I don’t do something fast. I have diabetes, high blood pressure, and who knows what else wrong with me at this point. I have been overweight for most of my life and I knew, what ever method I used, would need to be drastic! I thought about it and decided Twitter was the answer. I went on their sight and created an account called Losethefat4life. I posted a picture and and asked fellow Twitterers to help me.I have received great comments from many and have over 100 followers since yesterday. I have found a new strength from doing this and I really feel between my resolve, and my fellow Twitterers behind me, I will succeed and save my life with this.

Any questions to Mr. Furtado should be directed by email at [email protected]