10 Reasons of Pro RH bill and Anti RH bill supporters

The Reproductive Health Bill for Sixteen years in the Congress is never been this popular till 2010. Merely because of the overgrowing population, researches and overgrowing supports in which from the latest Pulse Asia survey is 69 percent are in favor for the passage of the bill. Carlos Celdran, the tour guide, visual artist and RHBill advocate turned everything in a much elaborated and artistic style of showing what the bill is all about by protesting inside the manila cathedral and his removal of Anti RH bill tarpauline from the CBCP building in Intramuros which is caught by the CCTV camera.

Elizabeth Angsioco, the chair of the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP) and Manila Standard writer with all the interviews and write- ups, direct, objective and statistics based answers gave a lot of information to all viewers and individuals who were once unaware of this controversial issue. CBCP conducted rallies together with all Catholic based organizations like Knights of the Columbus, Couples for Christ, Youth for Christ, El Shadai and all diocese operated schools like Liceo De San Pablo where on March 26, 2011 joined the °Walk for Life° Anti RH Bill rally in San Pablo City, Laguna to show supports for the CBCP and students as young as nine years old joined the event among others which drew attention to the common Juan.

From the interviews I conducted. These are the top ten reasons why people are supporting and against about the RHBill:

Pro RH

1. Prevention of Maternal deaths
2. Provides free medical treatment from the barangay with professional health practitioner
3. Prevention of abortion
4. Empowerment of women and Promotion of breastfeeding
5. Right to choose between Natural and Modern method of family planning
6. Access to age appropriate sex education in schools
7. Provides quality of life
8. Availability of contraception in the barangay
9. Population Management
10. Long term benefits

Anti RH

1. Legalized abortion
2. Immoral
3. Will go to hell because of the promotion of contraceptives which from them is abortifacient
5. Promote promiscuity
6. Will increase the HIV/AIDS in the country
7. Prevention of having a baby which contradicts the teaching of the church “Humayo kayo at magpakarami”.
8. Mandatted two child policy
9. Population is not the cause of poverty
10. Pills could cause pimples and cancer