Photos of supermoon around the world

Did you get to take photos of the super moon?

The super moon looks larger than normal since its distance from the Earth will stand at just 356,577 kilometers – 50,000 kms closer than the maximum distance between moon and the Earth, the CWB said.

Scientists had estimated that the full moon is expected to appear 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than ordinary.

However, scientists also noted that one can hardly tell the difference if viewing the moon with the naked eye.

The super moon is also expected to cause some abnormally high tides, which could reach as much as 15 centimeters higher than average.

Some were dismayed over the supermoon. Residents in Cebu, Batangas, Albay, Tacloban and Cagayan de Oro expressed dissatisfaction when clouds covered the sky.

Here are other images taken by twitter users of the super moon from all over the world. Some of it look fake though.

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