Rep. Singson’s letter: “I am tendering my resignation as congressman for the sake of my countrymen”

I was just at the House of Representatives this afternoon and while waiting for the 4:00 PM session to open/close, I talked with one of the staff there on Merceditas Gutierrez impeachment proceedings, absentee congressmen and Rep Singson. He was of the opinion that Singson should resign before his colleagues initiate any move. True enough, a few minutes later, he delivers his resignation letter:

“I am resigning as a member of the House of Representatives in humble recognition of the nobility in character and purpose of the majority of my colleagues who kept their peace and prayed while waiting for the conclusion of my case in Hong Kong.”

“I am resigning not because I am succumbing to the pressure of the noisy few among my honorable colleagues. My resignation is a fulfillment of my promise to my father,” he said.

He likewise thanked his fellow congressmen for their “continued friendship and moral support.” He said he chose to quit his post “for the sake of the Filipino people.”

“I am tendering my resignation as a congressman for the sake of my countrymen, the Filipino people, especially my constituents in the first district of Ilocos Sur, who look up to the members of Congress with respect,” he said.

Popular opinion is that he should really resign but his reasons are self-serving. @jannet38 says “don’t make it look like ur doin it 4 d sake of d country. dpat lang na mgresign si mr singson coz he put us ol into shame.. BUSET!” @tonyocruz adds that the “Disgraced Rep. Ronald Singson’s resignation letter seems lacking in meaningful statement of remose and apology to Filipinos, his district.”

Meanwhile Chavit Singson prefers another Singson to take over his son’s district.

Ilocos Sur Governor Luis “Chavit” Singson said Tuesday that he wants the lawmaker son of his cousin to assume the caretaker role in Ronald Singson’s district.

Chavit is referring to his cousin’s son, Representative Eric Singson Jr. of the Second District of Ilocos Sur. His son, Ronald, meanwhile, represents the first district of the said province.

Talks on appointing a possible caretaker came after Chavit expressed the intention of his son to resign from his post as representative of Ilocos Sur.

Not another Singson!