Earth Day Network Philippines Dinner Fellowship with Senator Manny Villar

July 7, 2011- Senator Manny Villar and Congresswoman Cynthia Villar hosted a Dinner fellowship for Earth Day Network Philippines (EDNP) to talk about the approach they did in Saving the Las Pinas- Zapote Rivers and on how they used water lilies as the raw material for baskets and bags. According to her, their land development company used a lot of natural raw materials as substitute to the usual construction materials that could help and save the environment with zero wastage such as with the use of coconut husk for rip-rapping.

According to the group website, Earth Day Network Philippines is a network organization of different sectors of society campaigning for environmental citizenship. It also invites everyone to celebrate Earth Day every April 22.

Earth Day Network Philippines (EDNP) is the local counterpart of the Earth Day Network International based in Washington, USA. It is the network organization that coordinates the celebration of Earth Day and is composed of government agencies, local government units, businesses, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, religious groups and individuals for environmental citizenship through meaningful cooperation.

The event was attended by distinguished environmentalist headed by the President of EDNP Bert Guevarra, Dr. Metodio Palaypay, a practitioner of medicine and a resident doctor at the UP Health Services. Dr. Palaypay initiated a movement to eliminate waste through sensible management and practical recycling in 1969 in his neighborhood at Leveriza, Pasay City, Metro Manila. In 1978, this movement became the “Zero Waste Recycling Movement of the Philippines Foundation Incorporated,” Isagani Serrano, Executive Director of EDNP Voltaire Alferez, Inday Berroya, Atty. Sison, Sonny Valencia of Peoples Tonight, Rollie Quizon, Zero Waste Recycling Movement of the Philippines Foundation Incorporated president Mrs. Luz Sabas, Engr. Grace Bondad- Nicolas of Do it right advocacy, Sandra Lacson- Hammett and her husband who is the principal at Brent International School at Binan, Laguna, Sweetlink President Nelson Co, June Yasol and Efren Reyes from Calauan, Laguna among other guests.

Congresswoman Cynthia Villar gave away her book for each and everyone entitled “Saving River, Securing Livelihoods” that won international awards such as the 2011 United Nations Water for Life for Best Water Management Practices, 2009 Oikos Foundation of Switzerland Social Entrepreneurship Track for Livelihood Development Program using wastes from the river, 2009 International Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice and 2006 Dubai International Award United Nations Humman Settlements Programme for Best Practice for outstanding contribution toward improving the living environment.

Senator Manny Villar talked about how to reduce poverty based on his experience, his being an environmentalist that gives him relaxation and less stress than the politics. Everyone enjoyed the music with Noel Cabangon, Banyuhay and Rollie Quizon.