Thank goodness…China postpones execution of 3 Filipino OFWs

“Thank goodness..this is good news” is one of the common reactions in Twitter as they heard the good news. Most of Twitter heaved a sigh of relief that China postponed the execution within the scope of Chinese law. One said “Diplomatic sources say postponement of execution for pinoy convicts could be a first for a death sentence without reprieve in China.” Many thanked Vice President Binay , even congratulating him, “congrats VP Binay for talking China out of the execution! astig! prayers, actions, and a decent conversation can save lives”. Another tweet went as far as idolizing the Vice President, “Wow binay is really somethin.. He should be president instead of aquino.. Haha”.

Was it due to Binay or the deportation of Taiwanese criminals to China?

Pinoy sentiments are divided on the execution of OFWs in China for drug trafficking. Before the announcement of the suspension, some were saying their prayers, and hoping for some miracle.

Is the agony just being prolonged? One hopes. Here are curated twitter reactions.