Reactions on the pastoral letter read at the homily

Some Catholics are offended at the homily. They can’t understand why the homily is about the anti RH bill. As one tweet said ” Whatever happened to having absolute freedom & critical thinking?”

A pro-choice believer was offended at a film showing during the mass:

Went to hear mass this morning with Agatha. In lieu of the usual homily, they screened a propaganda film urging everyone to oppose the RH bill. I was offended as a film maker (bad writing, bad research, bad production) and as a pro-choice believer. Buti man lang sana kung maganda pagkakagawa, di sana napag-isip pa ako tungkol sa issue.

Here are some reactions to the homily today and how some walked out of the church and those that attended the interfaith pro-life rally (at the bottom)

Interfaith pro-life rally