Check your PC for DNS malware

Use the DNS Changer Check up to see if your computers have the DNS Malware . If it is colored green, then your computer is clear of the malware


PLDT and Smart urges users to check for malware or lose Internet connection

Leading telco Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) and its mobile network arm Smart has alerted Filipino netizens to check if their machines are infected with a malware called DNSChanger or risk losing access to the Internet by July 9, 2012.

Since last year, a small crime ring of Estonian nationals have distributed a malware that when installed changes a user’s Domain Name System (DNS) to point to their rogue network, thus allowing the cyber criminals to access personal information, allowing them to steal millions of dollars.

While some cyber criminals have been arrested, thousands of users remain affected by the Trojan malware, causing Internet service providers (ISPs) to set a deadline for users to remove the malware or lose internet connection in order to prevent the further spread of the malicious code.

To check if you are infected by the said malware, PLDT recommends to follow the following instructions:

1. Click Start
2. Open the Command Window
3. (For Windows 7) Type cmd at the search bar
4. (For Windows XP) Click Run, then type cmd at the bar
5. Type ipconfig /all
6. Search for the DNS Servers section

Mac OS X
1. Click the Apple icon an the top left of the screen
2. Select System Preferences
3. Locate the “Network” icon
4. Read the “DNS Server” line

If the DNS servers are pointed at any of the following addresses, then it means the system is infected:

• through
• through
• through
• through
• through
• through