No serious harm done. Just FLESH WOUNDS

Carlo says Goodbye Big Bad Blogger. I thought Margaux Salcedo had something of value to add but yeah, she defends herself and secondly, she feels no remorse in hurting those that were alluded to in her article. She thinks all bloggers should be like Market Manila or Lori Balthazar who never earn from blogging . Times have changed the medium of blogging. Today, there are many types of bloggers: the hobby, journal, value, pro-bloggers (who earn from their blogs) or a combination of all of these types.

Indeed, time to move on as @sagadasun aptly said “It was just a DRIVE-BY SHOOTING. No serious harm done. Just FLESH WOUNDS.”

The CBCP pastoral letter is also the subject of twitter. CBCP, it seems is more concerned for the preservation of belief than the welfare of the believers.

An assault (or near assault) to Pat Evangelista raises concern. Should Superintendent Emma Libunao even be chief of the CIDG’s Women and Children Protection Division? She, who is supposed to protect women in the first place?

Here are the tweets of February 6.