Prayers for the safety of Sec. Robredo and his companions as their plane crashes off in Masbate

Interaksyon reports a ” light plane carrying Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo has crashed off the island province of Masbate.

An aide of Robredo, Senior Inspector Jhun Abrasado, survived the crash but was injured. He returned to the crash site after being given first aid to assist with the search and rescue operations. The plane had two pilots.”

As of posting time at the Inquirer site, “Coast Guard divers are still scouring the spot in the Masbate Pass where the plane plummeted.

One of the passengers was plucked from the sea by fishermen who witnessed the crash. He was identified as Jun Abrazado, a police officer and aide to Robredo who suffered a fracture in the arm but still joined the search after receiving emergency treatment at a hospital in Masbate City, according to Lieutenant Colonel Julian Pacatan, commander of the Army 9th Infantry Battalion in Masbate involved in the search.”

As of 9:29 PM, DOTC Sec Roxas: Govt accepts the offer of help via US Naval Attache Capt Jack Sutherland. Fleet survey team is now on its way to Robredo plane crash site.

Meanwhile, Twitter prays fervently that Sec. Robredo and his companions are safe. Here are the prayers and love shown by the online community.

Photo by Inquirer