News5 airs nonstop news on Aksyon TV Channel 41 on February 21

Something new and exciting is going to happen soon. News5 will launch its first ever-ever non-stop news and sports channel on free TV, Aksyon TV UHF Channel 41 (Channel 29 in Davao and Cebu). So what makes this different? Well not only does it deliver the latest national and international news, it offers also sports news. This is exciting news to me because I love working on my computer and watching the news at the same time. See, I don’t have ANC on my cable TV.

Carlo Ople, head of social media marketing of TV 5 News and Information organization, invited a few bloggers to the launch of this latest innovation last Friday at the NBC Tent. Red colored lights splashed all over the place, painting our faces red all night long. We were treated to one of the most fantastic launch ever with dancers showing off the latest innovation through a “touch-screen” production number. Check it out and see for yourself:

There was a lot to witness. News5 launched its InterAksyon website which will present real-time news write ups and video streaming of news reports. The website will tie-up with Metra (for the most technologically advanced weathercast) and MMDA (for synchronized traffic updates) which is a handy tool for our daily lives.

Though not yet launched, there is also an iPad app for the InterAksyon, a first in the local TV industry. I can’t wait for this to be available in Apple iTunes. Lucky me, I got to see a sneak preview in Carlo’s iPad.

I am quite impressed that the reporters themselves are ready for action when the situation calls for it. Higit sa lahat, Aksyon. They are equipped to give first aid or emergency treatment. Now this is the kind of firebrand journalism that goes beyond traditional news reporting.

Get ready as Aksyon TV gets live 12:01 AM on February 21. The entry of TV5?s AksyonTV and GMA’s GMA News TV, both on free TV, is expected to provide ANC stiff competition, don’t you think?

So what’s the buzz?