Hosni Mubarak finally stepping down tonight?

Hossan Badrawi, the secretary general of the National Democratic Party (NDP), said Mr Mubarak would “most probably” speak to the nation tonight.

Twitter is abuzz of the breaking news that Mubarak might step down. that “Unconfirmed report says Mubarak will ‘meet all the pro-democracy .demands'”. Egyptian Army Commander Tells Protesters ‘All Your Demands Will Be Met.It Ends Tonight’ .

Some are suspicious though.

You know what? Dont believe those snakes Mubarak Sulieman NDP. They will say ANYTHING to make protesters go home

Reading that Mubarak is going to step down tonight. What does that mean for Egypt and the rest of the middle east?

Let’s hope the change is what the Egyptians want for their country. We are witnesses to all this.