#HongKongProtests: In Solidarity to the Brave Hong Kong People

Contributed by Jose Mario De Vega

I am writing as a humanist and a member of the international community in order to bring to the attention of the global family of nations the cause and the struggle behind the said noble cause of the courageous people of Hong Kong.

The world must come together and stand as one in rallying and embracing the fight of the Hong Kongers.

As we all know, their struggle against the nefarious acts and creeping interference to their ways of life by China had begun on June 9th. This is all because of a controversial bill that seeks to allow suspects to be extradited to the Mainland. This is totally unacceptable to the people of the former British colony by virtue of the fact of common sense and reason.

The whole world knows that in China there is no such thing as due process and the rule of law is merely a figment of an imagination, if not a complete fantasy.

Hence, we can completely understand the condemnation, apprehension and disgust of the people of Hong Kong to this sinister proposed measure.

They know fully well that if they will not fight this bill, this is the start of the destruction of their political order and the ways of their civilized life and harmonious body politic.

That is the reason why a million of their citizens in the month of June, which is probably the biggest in the history of their city had come out to protest the said bill and to demand its death.

Though, under collective public and international pressure the authorities of Hong Kong eventually scrapped and altogether killed the bill, nonetheless, the damage has been done and a further path for a much bigger and greater struggle has been opened and charted by the people of Hong Kong. Indeed, “the movement has ventured far beyond the original catalyst.”

According to Wikipedia:

“As the protests progressed, the protesters laid out five key demands, which include the withdrawal of the bill, investigation into alleged police brutality and misconduct, the release of arrested protesters, a complete retraction of the official characterisation of the protests as “riots”, and Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s resignation along with the introduction of universal suffrage for election of the Legislative Council and the Chief Executive.”

The Movement, which was known in 2014 as the Umbrella Movement which now had transformed into a National Movement which tremendous international backing and support, has already achieved one of their Five (3) key demands yet due to the ineptness, myopia and stubbornness of Carrie Lam and Xi Jin Ping, the Movement is not slowing down in the struggle. In fact, as already stated, the Movement has transformed into a radical national liberation movement.

Further, as they collectively and regularly chanted as one: Five Demands, not one.

A couple of days ago, the latest place that turns into a fierce battle grounds were the campuses.

The brave and determined students of those universities, specifically the Chinese University of Hong Kong stood their ground and defended their schools from the unreasonable attack and treacherous invasion of the bloody bastard police.

Yesterday, there were reports that for the first time the People Liberation Army, which is the army of the Mainland that is stationed in Hong Kong had come out of their barracks to allegedly help in cleaning the rubbishes and restore some order.

Joshua Wong in Berlin, Germany, September 2019

This is dangerous in my view. To reiterate, the world must come together to support, help and embrace the cause and the struggle of the brave Hong Kong people. Let us not again commit the same mistakes that we did in 1989.

Back then, the Chinese authorities through the Communist Party cracked down heartlessly, viciously and militarily crushed the peaceful student protest in Beijing that were demanding reforms and greater democracy in the government.

Now, the same thing is about to happen in Hong Kong! Are we just gonna watch? Are we not gonna do anything? Will we not life our fingers? Will we allow another Tiannamen Square Massacre in our lifetime?

I say: enough is enough!

In a specific sense, the international community has help, support and embrace the struggle of the Hong Kong people for what they are fighting for is a clear case of their right to self-determination. Said concept is not only a legal one, but undeniably a moral right guaranteed to every citizen of the world.

In a larger and global sense, the world must tell China in a categorical sense that it cannot do everything that it pleased. That for China to remain as a member of the international community it had no choice but to follow and respect the norms, values and stipulations of international laws including the treaties and agreement that it entered. If not, then it will become a rogue state and a pariah entity in the global community of nations.

If on the other hand, the world will not do anything, then I would say that incontestably it is a curse and indeed a shame to be a part of this so-called “international community.”

The American philosopher George Santayana had already warned us about this:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

On this dark, perilous and dangerous time; let me remind the people of the world of the immortal words of Anglo-Irish political philosopher, Edmund Burke:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Long Live the Movement! Long Live the Brave and Courageous People of Hong Kong!!



Jose Mario De Vega


Philosophy Instructor

Department of Philosophy and Humanities

College of Arts and Letters

Polytechnic University of the Philippines