How we can help the Senatorial candidates in the Opposition

Published with permission from Dino Manrique of from “WHY THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR THE OPPOSITION AND WHAT WE CAN DO TO HELP THEM”

May pag-asa pa ang Senatorial candidates ng Opposition for the following reasons:

1) The April 10-14 Pulse Asia survey was done I believe when they haven’t run TV ads, and yet awareness of their candidacy has increased. Compare this most recent with the March 23-27 survey for example.

2) Back-loading of TV ads (aired closer to the elections as opposed to front-loading which is airing of ads early in the campaign) is proven to be more effective. This is what the opposition candidates are doing.

3) TV ads are more effective for newcomers and unfamiliar names as opposed to incumbents, because as stated above, they raise awareness.

4) I believe that the opposition fared well in the most recent senatorial debate, which further increased awareness.

Here’s what we can do to help further their chances:

1) Donate to their campaigns so they can air more TV ads.

2) Talk to your friends and relatives and make them aware that our candidates are running, and WHY they are running — this will include their platforms, which includes rights-based governance and policies, and how these policies will personally affect them. We also need to tell them that we need an independent senate to protect them. Telling WHY is one of the most effective forms of persuasion.

Another effective tool is the power of the narrative. As much as possible, tell others about our candidates in the form of STORY. Tell their personal stories: not just their achievements, but how they personally helped other people. Highlight their compassion for others. Telling stories is crucial because our brains evolved to take in information via stories.

3) Schedule even just ONE DAY to go around your neighborhood to distribute election materials. Visit not just the affluent part of your community, but especially the economically-challenged areas. This is also your chance to get to know members of your community, and understand them better. If people see that you care about them, and that you care enough about our candidates to go around and campaign for them, they will also begin to care for our candidates.

3) If you are skilled in other areas like letter-writing or video creation, use these skills to explain why you are voting for our candidates. E-mail, text, or PM others with a very personal message explaining your vote. Again, as much as possible, explain the WHY and tell in the form of STORY. You can also video-record yourself explaining your vote, and upload on Youtube and Facebook.

In conclusion, our task right now is two-fold:

1) Increase awareness and

2) Increase conversion rates.

The TV ads and other forms of advertisements will increase awareness, and PERSONALLY campaigning for our candidates and telling their stories will ensure that this awareness is converted into votes.

A final word. Don’t underestimate the POWER OF ONE to change the course of history. Surveys are tools to guide us, and are not the future itself. It is US who will determine our future. If even just hundreds of thousands of US will act, imagine the impact it will have in the elections. And yes, we must ACT. Our ACTION can influence five people who will in turn influence five people, who will in turn, etc. — one thing I’ve observed in this election is that people are asking or relying on the opinion of someone whom they TRUST. Let that someone be YOU. And don’t wait to be asked. Reach out. We only have eleven days left before judgement day — let us make each of those days count.