The honor and sovereignty of the nation is beyond material compensation

What is the point of getting rich or for our economy to rise, if our fishermen are constantly harassed and their catch being snatched before their very faces by those Chinese Coast Guards inside our very own exclusive economic zone?

I refer to the report “China has given more ‘fish’ to PH, says development expert”, Inquirer, June 13th with regard to the strange and it seems to be utterly abhorrent contention of that so-called “development expert”, Mr. Siy when he categorically stated that:

“Over a hundred million dollars have been waived in terms of the loans [for] the NorthRail [project]…”


I do have a serious doubt with regard to the alleged expertise of the said person, by virtue of that fact that he equated the honor of the country to that of the level of economic aid and monetary benefits.

In my view, an individual who truly loves his country will never ever exchanged for whatever benefit or compensation the integrity and sovereignty of his nation.

Sovereignty is not for sale and those countries, including our own; who put into the corner or worst into the background the importance of their/our own nation’s dignity and honor have no right whatsoever to be free and call themselves sovereign.

I vividly remember a scene in the film, the Last Samurai when Katsumoto (tribal lord and leader of the rebelling samurais) is about to rejoin the government council, he exchanges a sharp verbal spat with a fellow member by the name of Minister Omura who appears to be pro-foreigner.

Katsumoto said directly to the face of Omura: “We are a nation of whores selling ourselves.”

In the view, the same can be said to the position of that so-called development expert.

On behalf of the Filipino people, may I say also to his very thick face that: no amount of “fishes” (which ironically belongs to us in the first place), or of economic aid packages and developmental projects from China or any other empire for that matter would be enough to cover the shame and the dishonor being done to us by the Chinese everyday inside our very territory.

What is the point of getting rich or for our economy to rise, if our fishermen are constantly harassed and their catch being snatched before their very faces by those  Chinese Coast Guards inside our very own exclusive economic zone?

Further, I do have a serious issue with Mr. Siy’s analogy comparing our foreign relations with China to that of husband and wife.

First point: who is the husband and who is the wife?

Second: if his China is the husband, then what kind of husband is that that keeps on harassing his alleged wife?

Third: who wants to have China for a husband?

Fourth: Where is the equality between these so-called spouses?

Fifth: It is my firm and fervent view that the analogy of that so-called development “expert” is not only a false analogy but utterly leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

We are a free, independent and sovereign nation; we don’t need a husband or a wife to deal with our affairs and chart our own destiny. For in truth and in fact, the Republic of the Philippines is our Inang-Bayang Pilipinas and all of us are her Sons and Daughters.

Hence, going back and following the vital and central political philosophy of the Katipunan, our duties and obligations as her Sons and Daughters is to protect Her against all oppression, invasion and interference (whether externally or internally) for the end result of achieving not only true and genuine freedom but the general well-being of each and every one, guided by the Light of Reason on our way to the Path of Liberty!

It follows that it is also part of our duty to rekindled the flames and ideals and consequently pursue relentlessly the Second Chapter of the 1896 Revolution and passionately continue fighting and struggling for the Honor, Integrity and Sovereignty of our Land — even to the point of death!

To that so-called developmental “expert”: the freedom, honor and sovereignty of the nation are far more important than your “fishes”!

To quote the Manifesto (Sa Mga Mararahas na mga Anak ng Bayan) of Supremo Bonifacio:

“Dapat naman ninyong mabatid na ang kadahilanan ng ating paggugugol ng lalong mahalaga sa loob at sampu ng ingat na buhay ay nang upang tamuhin at kamtan yaong nilalayong Kalayaan ng ating Bayang tinubuan na siyang magbibigay ng buong kaginhawahan at magbabangon ng ating kapurihan na inilugmok ng kaalipinan sa hukay ng kadustaang walang makatulad.

“Sasagi kaya sa inyong loob ang panlulumo at aabutin kaya ng panghihinayang na mamatay sa kadahilanang ito? Hindi! Sapagka’t nakikintal sa inyong gunita yaong libolibong kinitil na buhay ng mapanganyayang kamay ng Kastila, yaong daing, yaong himutok at pananangis ng mga pinapangulila ng kanilang kalupitan, yaong mga kapatid nating nangapipiit sa kalagimlagim na bilangguan at natitiis ng walang awang pagpapahirap, yaong walang tilang pag-agos ng luha ng mga nawalay sa piling ng kanilang mga anak, asawa at matatandang magulang na itinapon sa iba’t ibang malalayong lupa at ang katampalasanang pagpatay sa ating pinakaiibig na kababayan na si M. Jose Rizal ay nagbukas sa ating puso ng isang sugat na kailan pa ma’y hindi mababahaw. Lahat ng ito ay sukat nang magpaningas sa lalong malamig na dugo at magbunsod sa atin sa pakikihamok sa hamak na Kastila na nagbibigay sa atin ng lahat ng kahirapan at kamatayan.

“Kaya mga kapatid, igayak ang loob sa pakikipaglaban at pakaasahan ang pagtatagumpay, sapagka’t nasa atin ang tunay na katuwiran at kabanalang gawa. Ang kastila, iyang kasuklamsuklam na lahing dito’y napasuot, ang tanging ipinaglalaban ay ang maling katuwirang panggagaga at panlulupig dito sa di nila bayan.

“Sa lahat ng ito, nang malubos ang kabanalan at kapurihan ng ating lahi, ng tanghalin ng sandaigdigan ang kamahalan ng ating kalooban, ay huwag nating tularan ang kalabang Kastila sa pagkahamak ng asal na ugaling gamit sa pakikidigma. Huwag tayong makipaghamok sa kaibigan lamang na pumatay kundi sa pagtatanggol ng Kalayaan ng ating Bayan, at abutin sa mahigpit na pagkakayakap nating mga anak ng Bayan ay maihiyaw ng buong lakas na Mabuhay! Mabuhay ang Haring Bayang Katagalugan!”


Jose Mario Dolor De Vega


Assistant Professor IV

Department of Social Sciences, Humanities and Philosophy

College of Arts and Letters

University of Makati







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