What netizens thought about Duterte’s declaration of martial law in Mindanao

President Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao but he added that if he senses that ISIS is infiltrating Luzon, he may declare martial law over the entire country.

When martial law was declared in 1972, I was a teenager but I knew it was wrong. Freedom of the press was no longer there. Arrests were made here and there. My parents, however, welcomed martial law. I could hear them saying  that the country needed discipline. History has shown that Marcos Martial Law was abused. He became a dictator. But Duterte says “Martial Law is martial law. For my countrymen who experienced marital law, this will not be any different from what Marcos did. I’d be harsh.”

Is martial law really necessary? Let me look at what netizens have to say on facebook and twitter:

Here are some who do not agree with the declaration of martial law:

Renato Reyes

Let us be clear, the ISIS affiliates operating in Marawi must be stopped. The burning of civilian facilities such as the UCCP school must be strongly condemned. Duterte is right to cut short his trip and return to Manila to oversee the resolution of the crisis.
HOWEVER, we oppose Duterte’s Martial Law declaration because it is open to all sorts of abuse by state security forces notorious for human rights violations. It is a blanket endorsement for so many abuses arising from warrantless arrests, searches and seizures and the filing of trumped-up charges. The declaration of Martial Law will create more problems than solutions. Its coverage is the ENTIRE Mindanao where there are various other conflicts and struggles not related to ISIS or the Maute group and ASG. Will Martial Law be used against them as well?
No, we cannot support this Martial Law declaration.

Rhanch Macalalad

Duterte’s Martial Law declaration in Mindanao (and possibly throughout the country) could have been credible if he didn’t use Martial Law as a threat so easily, so carelessly, so many times before. This is where the uncensored and uninhibited “bunganga” becomes a liability. When he needs public support he gets obstacles mainly due to distrust built over his rants. When people perceive you already as “kating-kati” mag declare ng Martial Law, however necessary, his reasons will only be seen as excuses, the attacks even viewed as opportunities to justify his agenda. Considering national trauma and collective memory, he should have framed the possibility and need for Martial Law in a better light when he had the chance to do so. “Excess” “power hungry” and “abuse” are still the critical buzz words that weigh heavily on ML’s and its proponents’ reputation.

What about those in favor of martial law?

A friend, Kim Indar has family in Marawi City and reading her timeline, you can read the happenings unfold.  She has photos taken from family members. “Reading feeds, my tears are falling. God, free my beloved Marawi from harm. #PrayForMarawi ”

I understand the need to contain the crisis in Marawi but I have doubts that it should spread to the whole of Mindanao. Other netizens chime in.

The thing is the war on drugs has been taken advantage of by rogue policemen, and other unseen forces. Who knows what martial law can bring out in abusive law enforcers? What do you think? Take this poll below: