Video: Virtual roundtable discussion on the #Cybercrimelaw using Google hangout, livestream, youtube & twitter

This is a first in virtual discussion where we used Google Hangout with Youtube, livestream using , and twitter using the hashtag #cybercrimelaw. Atty JJ Disini and Atty Francis Acero discussed the questionable provisions of the Cybercrime law and the Data privacy law. Thanks to the fast internet connection in Smart Jump Center we were able to connect to all these network. Just read through the video archives to catch up on the discussion. It is quite interesting to see how we did it inside the Jump Center.

Here are videos from

Part 1

Video streaming by Ustream

Part 2

Video streaming by Ustream

Part 3

Video streaming by Ustream

From Google Hangout

See twitter discussion while the roundtable was going on.