4RHome: A holistic program to provide free formation houses for drug dependents nationwide


At a recent lunch gathering last November 30, 2016, several of the Cabinet spouses, along with some of the Metro Manila mayors’ spouses, as well as lady mayors, met for the first time to announce the launch of their first project together — 4RHome — a program meant to provide a free formation house in every local government unit (LGU) for Filipino drug dependents.

Cabinet secretaries Andanar, Dureza and Ubial with Duterte Cabinet Spouses Association, Metro Manila Mayor’s Foundation, and Ricky Reyes

Ricky Reyes (more popularly called Mother Ricky), a known philanthropist who set up a vocational school and is heavily involved in health care for poor, cancer-stricken children, has now taken on another endeavor — to actively help the Cabinet spouses and their partners in drug reformation through 4RHome.

The Project

4RHome is a special program designed for President Duterte’s campaign against drugs. It aims to provide a free formation house in every LGU to house, treat and reform drug dependents who voluntarily surrender. The program requires that these drug dependents stay in the formation house until they are ready for reintegration into society.

The enormity of the drug problem was only seen after the new administration came in. To even begin to address it will definitely take a multi-sectoral approach nationwide.

4RHome reflects the objectives of the program, easily remembered through four Rs — “Reform, Recharge, Reintegrate, Reeducate”.

Envisioned to be a continuing and holistic formation program, 4RHome will provide shelter, clinical counseling (with spiritual upliftment), physical activities, and skills training for drug dependents.

The Facilities

Each 4RHome formation house is designed to come complete with the facilities needed to achieve the four Rs.
a. Dormitory
b. Dining hall
c. Kitchen
d. Entertainment & social hall
e. Clinic & counseling room
f. Chapel
g. Basketball court
h. Computer room
i. Special livelihood areas where one can learn 1) cellphone repair, 2) aircon repair & cleaning, and 3) other related livelihood programs

While there are large drug reformation centers being put up, like the recent one inaugurated in Nueva Ecija, the government realizes that it is not practical to uproot and transport drug dependents in other regions of the country. Recognizing that part of their reformation is family support, 4RHome is meant to be their reformation facility right where they live.

The Partners

The 4RHome program will be under the Office of the President, with the Duterte Cabinet Spouses Association taking the lead. For this program to scale nationwide, the cooperation and assistance of all LGUs and non-government organizations (NGOs) will be important.

The launch was graced by three Cabinet secretaries: Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial; Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Jesus Dureza; and Presidential Communications Office (PCO) Secretary Martin Andanar who enthusiastically supported the Cabinet spouses.

Jocelyn Sueno, wife of DILG Secretary Ismael Sueno
Jocelyn Sueno, wife of DILG Secretary Ismael Sueno


DOH Secretary Paulyn Ubial
DOH Secretary Paulyn Ubial


Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Secretary Jesus Dureza
Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Secretary Jesus Dureza


Two mayors, Mayor Lani Cayetano of Taguig and Mayor Carmelita “Menchie” Aguilar Abalos, were also present to lend their support for the 4RHome program. In attendance also was the President of the Metro Manila Mayor’s Spouses Foundation Inc., Janet Olivarez, who is the wife of Paranaque Mayor Edwin Olivarez.

Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano
Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano


Mandaluyong Mayor Menchie Abalos
Mandaluyong Mayor Menchie Abalos


Janet Olivarez, spouse of Paranaque Mayor Edwin Olivarez and President of the Metro Manila Mayor's Foundation
Janet Olivarez, President, Metro Manila Mayor’s Foundation


Alelee Andanar, wife of PCO Sec. Martin Andanar
Alelee Andanar, wife of PCO Sec. Martin Andanar

Roles of Each Partner

Each partner of 4RHome is responsible for different aspects to ensure the success and sustainability of the program.

Office of the President – responsible for the launch and campaign of 4RHome and ensures its full implementation

NGOs – responsible for providing the formation house

Ricky Reyes Foundation – responsible for gathering different donors to adopt different modules (or areas) of the 4RHome and put up the center. The foundation will also coordinate with different government agencies to provide the different activities for those who will be housed, seek LGU assistance for counseling, improvement and development of the center, and make a report to the Office of the President.

LGUs – responsible for launching the 4RHome in their locale, meet different barangay chairmen to announce the program, provide a budget for security and kitchen personnel, and invite sports enthusiasts.


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