Live: #PiliPinasDebates2016 Viewing Party (CDO)

juanvote presidential debate

Watch the #juanvote community as they view the Presidentiable debates

Here is the livestreaming link from GMA news Network. There will be a live simulcast at DZBB and livestreaming at aside from the TV Channel 7.

Live Blogging:


Binay- Matagal na ang Kahirapan

Santiago- we are one of the poorest countries. Why are we so poor?

Duterte – There is so much criminality. So much corruption in government. I will get rid of criminality, drugs and corruption. Give me six months.

Poe- Patuloy pa rin a ng paghirap ang ating kababayan. 30% of budget will go to Mindanao


Round 1: Track record and performance

Binay- It is not true that I have a lot of properties. I got this through inheritance.

Santiago- Declare your properties in SALN

Binay- My properties were inherited before I had a position


Santiago- Under our constitution, there is nothing that says one is disqualified to work if one is sick. Karpatan kong tumakbo

Duterte- I do no see Miriam Santiago passing away in the next 20 years

Santiago- My purpose in life is I want to serve the rest of my life. I felt sorry for my country. Graft & corruption is endemic.

Duterte- As long as I act in accordance with law I will continue to kill criminals. If I become president, it will be bloody

Poe- Have a little respect.

Duterte – “It’s biology.”



Roxas- Running for president not an OJT

Poe- No truth na pag matagal na sa pwesto, mas magaling ka

Roxas – I was there during Yolanda.

Binay- I am an effective and decisive leader.

Round 2 – Kahirapan at Kabuhayan

Binay – On farmers: modernize our agriculture. Irrigation fee should be removed.

Poe- Poe is armed with statistics. We need agro-industrial zones

Poe- We need free lunch for the schools. WE need replanting of our coconuts.

Santiago- Promises are easy to make.

Poe- We need a new perspective.

Santiago – More budget for Health, education , and social welfare. Estate tax should be erased.

Roxas – We have safety nets in our PhilHealth

Santiago- these are all promises way out in the sky. Where do we get the money?


Roxas- for the Fishermen, murang pautang , new technology, infrastructure to sell their catch.

Duterte- He agrees with Roxas and even wants to copy Roxas solution for fishermen. The problem is the implementation

Roxas- nasa sentro ng daang matuwid, is anti-corruption


Duterte- do not oppress the people.

Binay- The leader needs to be effective, decisive


Round 3 : Mindanao Issues

Duterte- 64-65% of the infrastructure projects are in Manila. There is a disparity of projects in Mindanao.

Roxas- Mindanao today has twice of the infrastructure in the last 5 years than in the last 12 years.

Duterte: He does not see daang matuwid.


Drug Problem

Roxas- We will catch these drug cartels through Lambat Sibat

Binay- Need to be decisive

Roxas- Di ba 2 ang Makati? Ang Makati ng mga Ayala na mayaman at Makati ni Binay na mahirap? *round of claps here at viewing party*

Binay- No drug problem in Makati


Binay- we cannot agree on the definition of dynasty.

Santiago- The constitution is always supreme

Binay- If definition of dynasty is not clear


Santiago- Am against the EDCA. The EDCA should pass under the Senate. Why was it signed by the executive department. I am angry at this.

Poe- agrees with Senator Santiago. EDCA should pass through the Senate



Poe: We need a transparent and inclusive discussion on the BBL. We need to fix the electricity situation in Mindanao.

Duterte: I will offer Federalism. WE have to right the historical wrong that face the Moro people.

Closing statements

Why should you be the next president?


Santiago- This is not a personality contest. This is a show to educate Filipinos.

Duterte- I am here because I love this country, and the Filipino people. I hope this country would be what it was meant to be – a prosperous nation