The dancing Playgirls, the alleged birthday gift of MMDA Chair Tolentino to Laguna Rep. Agarao

Twitter reactions over the dancing girls at a birthday party range from “disgusting” to “#daangMalaswa”. Though Chair Tolentino denied the birthday gift, he failed to correct the EMCEE who kept announcing for the “nth time that these girls were courtesy of MMDA Tolentino”.

Watch the video:

Antonio Contreras in his facebook post, condemned the event:

That a major political party used scantily clad women dancing on stage as part of their oath taking speaks a lot of the baseness of our traditional politics. This was patently an assault on the dignity of women, where women’s bodies are now objectified and turned into a campaign paraphernalia. This has to be condemned. The Liberal Party, particularly its Laguna Chapter, should be held accountable.

mmda tolentino

Image via DZBB