Oplan Salubong at Camp Aguinaldo

Updated (November 21, 9:00 PM) – Read Breaking news– DSWD Regional Director Alice Bonoan has announced the return of Operation Salubong to VILLAMOR AIR BASE.

We DEEPLY APOLOGIZE to all our volunteers who have been affected by the multiple changes in the past 2 days. Do know that the volunteer organizers behind Operation Salubong are doing our best to coordinate with DSWD and the Joint Task Force that have taken over this operation.

Please disregard all previous posts on the move to Camp Aguinaldo. We will provide a detailed update shortly.

What really happened?

You can read the facebook post of James Deakin and the comments.

Also read Dinky denies shutting down ‘Oplan: Hatid’

Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman dispelled rumors that the agency is shutting down “Oplan: Hatid” and “Operation: Yakap” at the Villamor Airbase.

She also clarified that they did not ask the private volunteers to move the initiative to Camp Aguinaldo
in Quezon City.

Why the transfer?

The Operation Salubong/Oplan Hatid in Villamor Moves to Aguinaldo . So many questions of volunteers wondering about their schedule. DSWD NCR Dir. Alicia Bonoan explains in Radyo Inquirer that Oplan Hatid will continue, “however they will need to register again, so we will be able to manage all our volunteers.”

Here are some FAQs: from the Facebook page “Operation Salubong Villamor Air Base”

This FAQ Sheet has been put together to dispel the misinformation that is spreading across social media on what will be happening to Oplan Salubong, now that it has been transitioned to Camp Aguinaldo. Please share this with your friends and fellow volunteers.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is the current situation for Oplan Salubong?

Oplan Salubong is currently being transitioned by the government from Villamor Air Base to the Joint Task Force (JTF) Compound in Camp Aguinaldo, where the DSWD will assume its responsibility in attending to the evacuees from the Visayas region.

2.    How will Oplan Salubong work moving forward?

The setup will be similar to Villamor Air Base, with some key differences. Evacuees will be transported by land, air and sea directly to Camp Aguinaldo. All evacuees landing at Villamor will be ferried by government shuttles/buses directly to the JTF Compound in Camp Aguinaldo. Upon arrival at Camp Aguinaldo, they will be cared for in a similar fashion as what was being done by the volunteers at Villamor Air Base. Various branches of the government have stepped in to assume control over the different committees running Oplan Salubong in Villamor (DSWD, DOH, OCD, LGUs,MMDA, etc.).

3.    Are volunteers still welcome to help in Oplan Salubong in Camp Aguinaldo? What if I pre-registered to volunteer at Villamor Air Base?

Yes, volunteers are still welcome to help out. Volunteer management will now be handled by the MMDA Emergency Volunteer Corps. All pre-registered volunteers are expected to report to the MMDA Booth at Gate 6 of Camp Aguinaldo at the time of their shift. They will be issued a pass at the MMDA Booth and then be escorted into the JTF Compound.

4.    Are you limiting the number of volunteers who can enter the JTF Compound? How are you going to manage the volunteer sign-ups?

Similar to the setup in Villamor, we will control the number of volunteers so that the supply and demand is balanced. We will still use the same online system (Eventbrite) to manage the sign-ups. Please stand by for further announcements regarding this, as we are still reconfiguring the registration system for Camp Aguinaldo.

5.    Will pre-registered volunteers be assigned to the same station/committee as in Villamor Air Base?

With the shift to Camp Aguinaldo, this is currently being re-assessed. The MMDA will be managing the assignments of volunteers to the different committees, on a need basis. You may present your ticket and state where you to prefer to be assigned, but there are no guarantees since we are currently still transitioning.

6.    Can I still volunteer at Villamor Air Base?

All volunteers must now go to Camp Aguinaldo. We will post updates if the situation on the ground changes.

7.    Why is there a need to turnover the operations to DSWD and transfer the operations to Camp Aguinaldo?

As we are only handling the volunteer management aspect of this operation, we kindly request interested individuals to refer to the public statements given by the government officials-in-charge of the situation to the media to fully understand the background as to why the transition is taking place.

8.    Is there parking at Camp Aguinaldo?

For now, only authorized vehicles are allowed to park at the JTF Compound. We will post an update if this changes. Please expect that your vehicle will not be allowed to enter Camp Aguinaldo.

9.    If I had already pledged donations (in kind or in cash), will these still be accepted at Villamor Air Base?

All donations must now flow to Camp Aguinaldo, where they will be centrally managed by the DSWD. We are trying to ensure a smooth transition for existing pledges with the PAFOLC, to ensure that they are handed over to DSWD.

10. What happened to Oplan Hatid?

Oplan Hatid is currently on hold, due to the transition to Camp Aguinaldo. The proper representatives are currently coordinating on the resumption of Oplan Hatid, we will advise if there are any changes to this situation.

11. What if Gate 6 is closed during the evening? Where do we go?

Please enter Camp Aguinaldo through Gate 1 (it’s further down Santolan Road). The list of volunteers on Eventbrite has been provided to the MMDA already, and your name should be listed there if had already registered for the graveyard shifts.

12. What if we have additional questions or inquiries?

We are still fixing the communication channels, so kindly direct your inquiries here to this Facebook page for now.