“We r the Boss” movement suggests to enact LISTA GASTOS Ordinance

After the Million People March, one of the questions asked from me was what happens next? I always say that August 26 was the day to vent our anger towards the systemic corruption taking place. Starting today, citizens will provide suggestions. Will the government listen to us?

I received an email from “We r the Boss” movement that gave a suggestion:

If crooks were to investigate fellow crooks then all our efforts in the Million People March may end up fruitless. To prevent Pork from sneaking back under a new name or new scheme, we, as ordinary citizens, have the power under existing laws to directly enact new laws = including budgetary laws that directly affect us. Let us not wait for Congressmen to pass a law against themselves. They never will. Let us do it ourselves. Yes we can … peacefully and within the bounds of the Constitution. How?

Here is suggestion called Lista Gastos Ordinance or Live Streaming Audit of Government Appropriation systems by transparent online social media.

We R BOSS Movement