Movie Schedule: Juana C. The Movie, Socially Aware is the new sexy #JuanaCTheMovie

“#JuanaCthemovie really kicks ass. It unmasks society the way only Juana Change can. And it is very absurdly funny.” Jim Paredes

“Juana C. is that rare animal in contemporary cinema: an advocacy movie in the form of a sex-comedy.” Jessica Zafra

“Truly daring and yes, irreverent but Juana CHange the Movie was able to bring the surface critical societal realities including those that are taboo. In a very Filipino way, the movie was able to advocate change and everyone’s responsibility to make this happen” – Bro Armin Luisitro


The movie covers Juana Change shifty from apathy to awareness and then action. Issues like mining, losing ancestral domain, freedom of information, over use of credit card, corruption, right to assembly and more are found in the movie. It is about time the citizenry should not turn a blind eye to these issues. Take action by making our government officials and other stakeholders accountable.H

Here is a synopsis via Sex Lies and Juana C from Vera Files.

“Juana C. The Movie” is a fast-paced hodgepodge of sex and politics in a ludicrous yet compelling plot. Leading a talented cast is political activist Mae Paner, Juana Change herself.

Written by award-winning playwright Rody Vera and directed by Jade Castro of “Zombadings,” the movie came a few scenes short of becoming a full-frontal hilarity.

The film is a satirical portrayal of everything that has gone wrong in Philippine society—from corrupt politicians, judges and priests on the take, activists who sell out, greedy capitalists to landgrabbing, drugs, and prostitution.

And just how do you sell a movie that paints such a grim scenario? Do a burlesque. As Juana C. says so herself, “I’m the new sexy!”

The story revolves around a naïve teen from an indigenous tribe in the north who was forced to study in Manila on a scholarship. Her misadventures start when she pretends to be a bar-hopping, rich colegiala, and turns into a highly paid escort caught in the world of crooks and sex-starved politicians.

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A love triangle between John James Uy, the rich hunk who plays as Bayani, and Jelson Bay, the activist Hiro, turns it into a nearly full-length smut flick, not to mention the “vroom, vroom”, bare-your-ass bed scene with Niño Muhlach.

What started as a series of misfortunes ends well with Juana C. in her homecoming as a local hero who saves her village from losing their land to a mining company. But not after Juana C. survives a mad chase from those out to silence and kill her.

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