Video: Proposing a Netizens’ Coalition of the Philippines

The idea of a Netizen’s Coalition of the Philippines was inspired by a blogger who was recently sued for libel by a group buying site. Juned Sonido thought of having a sort of coalition of netizens that would provide support, advice and education with the end in mind of freedom annd fairnessth to all . Juned added “I think in latin it would be Libertes et Aequitas Equitas.”

These were his thoughts to set the ball rolling for our first meeting about this matter.

1) all members of the coalition is required to attend an orientation on the goal and objectives of the association, which will also include among other things net safety. And must agree to the good practice of the coalition –

2. We must formulate these good practices before we launch the coalition.

Here is the video of the initial discussion

To be more specific.

1. To provide a network of support, counsel and advise to Netizens.

2. Part of the support for Netizens would include education.

3. Part of the requirements to be part of the coalition is to attend an orientation and to sign an agreement, which will inxlude a list of good practices.

Note: the coalition is open to all netizens.

Anther meeting is scheduled on March 23.

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Rochelle Sy Chua wrote her thoughts about the coalition.