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Legislative Agenda

Casiño believes that poverty is still the main problem of farmers, workers, and other ordinary Filipinos. He proposes a systematic change, hence, he will push for the following in the Senate if he will be given a seat:

  • A law on agrarian reform to ensure land, equipment, subsidies and other forms of support to farmers to uplift them from poverty and attain food security
  • A law on the development of local industries–from small enterprises to big factories–to create adequate jobs and provide living wages to workers
  • A law to lower the prices of electricity, water, and oil through the removal of the VAT and scrapping of EPIRA and the Oil Deregulation Law
  • A law to rescind the privatization of public hospitals, water districts, and other social services


Legislative Agenda for Netizens

  • HB 6631- Bill Repealing The Cybercrime Law
  • HB 4271- Free Public Wifi Act
  • HB 6818- Magna Carta for Internet Users

Cut VATCasiño pushes HB 6416- Cut VAT on power, oil and water. He believes that cutting the VAT will give economic relief to the Filipino people; that smaller tax would mean more mony for food, healthcare and savings.

Over-all Programs, Makabayan Coalition

  • Empowering the Citizens – Push for empowering the citizens as the key to change the governance and society; fight foreign control and oligarchy to establish a government which is a true representative of the people

  • Good governance – Establish good governance with sole accountability to the public; fight against a government dictated by the few and the foreigners; hold the corrupt accountable and cleanse the bureaucracy from corruption

  • Pro-Filipino Economy – Encourage and develop an economy which is pro-Filipino and pro-citizens. Refuse the economic impositions by the US, IMF/WB, and its subsidiaries; promote programs for real agrarian reform, agricultural modernization and national industrialization

  • Poverty Alleviation – Fight for the alleviation of poverty by assuring that there are enough jobs with decent wages, supporting the farmers, and allocating food security; ensure that there are enough affordable education, health services, housing, electricity, water, communications, transportation, etc.

  • Environment Protection – Protect the forest, the ocean, and inner waters against widespread abuse and destruction especially by the big commercial industries; accept the problem posed by climate change and promote the use of clean and renewable energy

  • Multilateral Foreign Relations – Craft a new relationship with other countries based on recognizing national sovereignty and mutual gains; invalidate the asymmetric relationship between US, Japan, and other nations; safeguard the rights and welfare of Filipino migrants

  • Democratic and Human Rights – Protect basic human rights; stop the political discrimination against activists, journalists and critics of the government; prosecute the guilty; promote the right to autonomy of Bangsamoro and other indigenous tribe

  • Nationalist and progressive culture – Develop nationalist, pro-environment, scientific and progressive education and culture; promote national language and national unity; celebrate different cultures of the country; renounce the colonial, corrupt, and rotten culture

  • Women’s rights and gender equality – Insist women’s rights and gender equality in all levels of bureaucracy and social services; combat every form of abuse, discrimination, and violence against women and LGBT

  • Justice-Based Peace Process – Push for peace talks and implement the agreement between the government and the National Democratic Front and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Seek for the policies to resolve the root cause of the armed struggle in order to achieve peace based on justice

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