Video and Audio Podcast : Livestream chat with @RisaHontiveros

Know more about her profile and legislative platforms at Wikipilipinas #knowyourcandidate and the Philippine Online Chronicles feature article The beautiful fighter: Risa Hontiveros.

Our livestream chat is broken down as Part 1 and Part 2 .

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Here are her Campaign Platforms
Hontiveros’ platforms centers on women’s rights, health care, and fight against abuse and corruption. Specifically, Risa offers the following legislative agenda:

  • RH Law Implementation. Being a champion of the Reproductive Health Law, she will guarantee that the programs enstablished under the law will have enough resourcess to fulfill its promise of ending maternal deaths, preventing unwanted pregnancies, and helping Filipino families plan their future.
  • Universal Healthcare Expansion. Hontiveros plans to expand the gains of the Aquino administration in making healthcare universal and more accessible. On top of this, she hopes to address all elements of universal health care:
    • Ensuring that public hospitals are able to offer quality health services and that barriers to access to hospital services are reduced and eliminated;
    • Scaling up the delivery of health services in our communities, especially for mothers and children, by improving community health facilities and by providing better incentives for local health care providers;
    • Sustaining affordable price of essential medicines by strengthening oversight in the implementation of the cheaper medicines law and by developing a better procurement system for medicines; and
    • Strengthening community engagement in prevention programs through the mobilization of barangay health workers and by improving their capacities.
  • Women’s rights. She hopes to push for the greater political participation of women in appointive and elective position and will increase protection for young women in the areas of education, employment and healthcare. She will also champion the passage of a bill that protects lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders from discriminatory practices and abusive behavior.
  • On anti-corruption. She will pursue the anti-corruption agenda of the Aquino administration, and will remain consistent in her advocacy to make the abusive public officials accountable, especially those who were complicit to the abuses and excesses of the GMA administration.

Photo via Risa Hontiveros Facebook account.

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