How true, our broadband is capped already!

It is good to read on Rom Feria’s take on the broadband cap is “It is capped already” and sort of a rebuttal of Art Samaniego’s “the Unfairness of the Internet“.

The general point of the matter is this – our broadband subscription is already capped by the subscribed bandwidth that we pay for every single month. Telcos want to further restrict the data volume that we can transfer (so they will not need to invest more in their infrastructure) WHILST not providing the full bandwidth that we are paying for (substandard is an understatement, IMHO). The “best effort” service that telcos claim is their special privilege, protected by law (I hope not), to screw subscribers. Ask ANY broadband subscriber and chances are s/he only gets 40% of his/her subscribed bandwidth. And don’t get me started with the latency issue! And IPv6? Hell, what is NTC doing about this? I hope they are NOT PROTECTING the telcos!

I hope the NTC is not protecting these telcos, please. The mere fact, consumers were not involved in the first draft memo shows how little they cared of the consumers. It was much later that we, the consumers were taken into account.

I have three internet connections and half of the time, my connection is only 50 percent of the “promised” speed.

Despite the small percentage of abusive users, NTC has to consider the greater majority who are also customers.

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