Transcript and Video: Alan P. Cayetano on Presyo, Trabaho, Kita as his platform

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Here is our Video interview with Senator Alan Cayetano where we discussed his Platforms , the PTK: Presyo, Trabaho, Kita

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Alan Peter Cayetano on PTK: Presyo, Trabaho, Kita

1. Presyo- He called for a decrease in gas prices.

2. Trabaho- “Better education translates to better jobs,” Cayetano said. He proposes for an increase in infrastructure spending to create more jobs to resolve problems on unemployment and underemployment. In additional, he promotes education for employment program. He also proposes the allocation of P500, 000 for each province to support small businesses.

On his PTK launching, Cayetano detailed the lack of government support on local industries such as fishing, farming, furniture making, and shoe making. In order to help these industries, capital lending program supplementary to the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program should be increased to strengthen existing cooperatives, as well as the newly established ones.

3. Kita- Cayetano, in order to make the country entrepenuer-friendly, wants to stop the need for 5-6 lending by increasing business owners’ access to capital.


Transcript of the interview


Alan Cayetano (AC): First of all I’d like to thank God and every one of you for being here. It’s a privilege and big challenge. I am told that the group to face really is the bloggers and the netizens because even in the US studies ang pinaka-engage are people who use the internet the most no. Ang pinakamadetalyado and pinaka…people who look at all sides of it no. So, it’s sort of a first for me although I know some of you very well and although I’m not a stranger to social media but facing a blogger group rather than a press conference is different for a candidate. But later on siguro as you ask the questions, the thing really is how to change. If you change the way elections are done in a country, you really change government. And when you change government, you transform society. So for me the main question really is who owns politicians in any country. Meaning, if smugglers, drug lords, jueteng lords or vested interest owns politicians, they’ll run the country that way, and people will pull the strings. So what the internet does really is, aside from transparency, democratizes everything. But later on siguro as we go to the questions, I’ll tell you why answers are still needed or why we still have traditional campaign despite the more than 30 million Filipinos who have access to the internet. But please feel free to ask any question. Game naman ako and I’ll try to answer it in the best of my ability. Thank you very much for being here.

Mom Blogger (MB):  You’re going to show something, a survey about the airtime?

AC: There’s been a lot of talk about anti-dynasty, anti-epal, about not spending so much sa campaign. But I think all politicians would agree with the concept eh and principles no. What do I mean by that? Politicians only like seeing their names in the billboards no because they have to be able to advertise eh. But it’s better if you don’t eh. And politicians don’t want to spend 10, 50, hundred million, I’m talking about the national ha, to be able to win in a Senatorial election. But all over the world no, the bigger the country is, in our case we are not elected regionally eh we are elected nationally, we have a problem of reaching a hundred million Filipinos, 50 million who are voters in 7, 100 islands no. So it’s a question of efficiency. But before I go to the efficiency, what really changes the election is where the funding comes from. So for example no, President Obama, once upon a time if you are black in the color in the US you couldn’t even vote, but now they have a US President Barack Obama. How did he beat the Clinton’s who are also sort of a dynasty in a democratic party? He raised money through small donations. How did they beat the Republican Party which is the party of the richest of the rich not only in the US but in the world? Again by small donations, more than 2 billion dollars was spent in last election in the US but most of this came from small donors. So the thing is in the Philippine election, sure let’s watch how the candidates spend but more importantly where does the money come from. So for example, ang problema natin ngayon, if you were a valedictorian or salutatorian, a good student, you’re a student leader or you went into military service or you’re a community leader, you’re an activist journalist, you’re an activist blogger and you spend your life for helping people and you say na I think I should run for Congress or for the Senate. If you don’t come from a political family or you don’t have millions or gazillions and you don’t have the name, wala kang chance. Sa US is different, you go for the nomination of a party and if you are an excellent or outstanding person, you don’t have to have the money. They have the mechanism to raise it for you, and in the case of Barack Obama he beat all records in raising money. We don’t have that because we don’t have political parties that are vehicles for principles and platforms. We have political parties which are vehicles to be elected no. So if we want one day to have a Juan Dela Cruz, Juan Garcia, Juan Santos to be elected Senator just because he’s a brilliant person, he’s an outstanding person with outstanding character, we have to change the way money is raised not the way money is spent because you cannot dictate how to spend the money eh. It’s also market voices no. So, in example you need 50 million votes, imagine if a million of your 50 million votes give you 50 pesos then you have a 50 million pesos that any agency would say is good enough to run a very good campaign. I’ve been bugging the COMELEC the last year, as an acting chairman on a committee on automated elections. Don’t only go for the anti-epal, and the netizens and the media, don’t only go for watching the posters, watching spending. These are all important but more important, example in Africa, you can text, you can pass a load for your donations. Right now if you look ha, to give 10 pesos you have to have your donation notarize and notary is 50 pesos eh. So there’s no chance, look at the independent candidates now, I won’t endorse them because I’m from different party but there are some good independent candidates there pero hirap na hirap mag raise ng money no. So let’s go to the other side no, spending it. So although maraming umaangal sa media, 130 seconds spot costs 43 thousand but reaches 6.51 million people. At 30 seconds spot in radio for example in DYHDZ costs 16 thousand reaching 240 thousand people. One poster, even if you say for 10 people no or 10 households, you give 1 vote for 15 pesos to reach 6.19 people or 600, 000 posters 9 million pesos. For flyers, even if you say it’s nice colored flyers, cheap at 5 pesos no, to reach 6 million people, it’s 30 million pesos. So which is cheapest of them all? It’s actually ads. You may tell me, no Alan but that’s only 30 seconds, you have to spend 50 million worth. That’s correct, but if 50 million voters, we usually compute the number of pulyetos or flyers, 3 times the number of voters. So if you have 50 million voters, you have to produce a 150 million flyers times 5 pesos that’s 650 million pesos. And you’re not even sure they’ll gonna read it. They might throw it, unlike commercials more or less captive yung audience. So, question, would I rather go house to house? Would I rather have small forums like this? Yes. But the problem is, as you see, even if I’m invited, they wouldn’t cover me tonight. Even if I was the first, I know I’m not the first, but even if I were the first to have the bloggers live, they wouldn’t cover me because they wanna cover teams eh. So the problem is, how do you reach the people? So even for us more well-known no, being re-electionist, we have to deal with this. That’s why we wanna change the world no. And how do you change the world? Well, internet is part of it.

I don’t have my internet slide. But internet is, if you have 100% reach, how much will it cost for a candidate? Zero pesos, only talent, his time, and whatever it cost for a computer and internet time. If you go to, na may free wi-fi, you don’t even pay. If 100% ang reach nya. Eh if people start getting their news from it. Is it pragmatic? Yes. Why? In the US, it is said that mas engage yung nasa internet and they have a tendency of researching whether a politician is telling the truth or not. Unlike in commercials it’s one sided. The problem is we’re not yet there. So in the US while t.v. is still King, internet, and blogging, and news reports play a major role. So we’re gonna get there eventually no as we get more internet users. But right now, for me no, the way to get people to own candidates. So I was in my listening tour yesterday in Laguna in Sta. Cruz where I met different students from the Laguna State Polytechnic University and in Batangas State University. Sabi ng isang student don, I only get 800 a week, kasama na pamasahe ko, kasama na yung projects and food. So why would I give 50 pesos or 100 to a candidate? And I said, you know why we have so much corruption, because there’s so much corruption in government because this is the way we elect our candidates. So I opt for fighting corruption because corruption is bad, it’s the right thing to do to fight corruption and because corruption takes away money from food, from education, infrastructure, health no. But right now, you know the government is supposed to be in the right way. The tamang daan or tuwid na daan no. So the question is, why are people still complaining na mataas ang presyo, walang trabaho, at maliit ang kita? Ofcourse the foundations of the economy, but also because of lack of democracy. So the internet will opt to democratize this. The problem is we’re not yet there. So I’d rather have face to face meeting. I’d rather have small groups like this. But without media coverage or without internet access or reach no of most of the candidates was constrained eh to what’s most effective. And for me it won’t be posters, it won’t be handouts or calendars, so it would still be ads. Now I’ve been criticized for asking the Supreme Court to have 120 minutes for station. Is it true what some newspapers candidates said that because I have a lot of money and because I want to be number one and because I wanna spend more. That’s all false. In fact it was validated, when this thing came out so far medyo mababa ako sa ginastos sa t.v. Sila ang malaki, because regional spots are much cheaper. If a national spot is 443 thousand, a regional spot is 30 to 50 thousand. And the regional spot, you can hit the issues for the region. For example, if you wanna talk about Presyo Trabaho Kita in Mindanao, you have to talk about the brownouts. Now, with everything going on, we have to talk about the brownouts but if I have a commercial nationally about brownouts, anong sasabihin sakin sa Luzon or sa Ilocos o ditto sa Metro Manila, wala namang brownouts what are you talking about? But if I finish my minutes in Mindanao, and I buy the 3 or 4 regional spots, mauubos time ko, I won’t have enough minutes to go Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon and Visayas. So actually, more minutes can be cheaper. It’s just the strategy and messaging. But still I agree with you na kulang parin ang time sa interaction. But the problem is, primetime t.v. do not have talk shows anymore. It’s on their news channel which is either cable or less people watching. So really internet is the way to go that’s why we think most candidates including myself part of the platform is, how do we get not only access but more computers or mobile phone or mobile devices in the hands of people. So only 49% of all citizens are connected. So, ano na yon ha, seat of power na yon. So more barangays, more schools, teachers and everything. Who wanna change the country and how democracy, one thing is put computers, put mobile devices, put internet connection all over the country that will have a big change right away.

MB: Anyway, we blog watch, we bridge information by going out and spreading what we know online to those who have no access to internet. So that’s also one of our strategies now. And another thing, because you say we don’t have the audience, sometimes usually–

AC: Definitely I didn’t mean that, what I meant is compared to the US which is 100%, so there are no candidate will have the strategy that doesn’t include social media. So, even Barack Obama was being criticized because he was taking money out of commercials in t.v. and putting it in social media. But it worked. In fact he raised more money to using the internet and the social media then in commercials. I’m saying because we’re not there yet, yeah in the Philippines, everyone’s still puts their money in traditional ads. But we’re getting there with what’s happening except that if you look at the natural growth diba. But if you see right now no, everyone wants to talk to everyone in the room that’s why I think we have to start. All the candidates want because it’s changing and even I, even may ano explained to me, your likes or your friends in facebook page maybe 150 thousand but the actual reach could be millions because each one has friends and each one meets them. So I understand that. But the difference is when you put it on t.v. ads all the ratings. In the US that’s the same thing for the internet. Tayo we’re gatting there palang.

MB: But the problem is also, t.v., and ads are number one. Next is friends. So, that’s where social media enters. The influence of friends in the 2010 election was 9%. I think it’s higher now because of the social media.

AC: Much higher. The last 3 elections–

MB: 9%

AC: If you were saying that social media is changing 2013, the first Presidential election where social media will be front in centers 2016. Although 2010 it was already ano there ah. Meaning a lot of people who thought that advertising is forgot that the news and social media is there. So actually you will not say that someone won because of social media—

MB: No not yet

AC: But we can say that a lot lost because they forgot about social media. I can say that honestly. There are couple of candidates who definitely lost because they took for granted social media and the news.

MB: It started in 2009, the social media and interviewed 7 Presidential candidates. They were eager that time to be interviewed because of the platforms, because in traditional media you merely cannot see their bills. We don’t like those showbiz like, very shallow. In fact, in 2010, they don’t preach their platforms at all. It is just this election that they did.

AC: One of these mediums have their limitations. What I’m saying lang is in the US all them also reach their full potential so you cannot live without the other. So the news or pre-media will dictate the ads with the social media came together for a unique mixed of how you get inform. The irony is that only half of the people in the America votes. Sa atin baliktad. Almost a hundred percent want to be involved and want to vote, but because of the limitations of the three, the limitation of the ads is too expensive. The limitation of the news, they’re so restrictive especially with the COMELEC now and the limitation naman of the social media right now actually I think in the national it’s getting there. But in the local, they have time to go face to face eh, so it’s still you know. And also, the other thing is that we before you can focus diba before there’s no media but whatever debate they had— everyone will be talking about. Ngayon kasi ang dami mong kakompetensya eh. Gaming, entertainment, local, international, OFW issues, so it’s also hard to get people’s attention.

MB: Siguro we could start right now with your profile, your platform because in fact that’s the reason why we want to interview you. And I was not familiar with that Presyo Trabaho Kita, so I will ask that because one of my advocacy—

So anyway with that disclosure, my advocacy is about entrepreneurship and I noticed there that you want to get rid of the 5-6 lending. Now I studied the 5-6 in 1985, I got a research ground on that, and based on my interviews with a Bombay, the reason they are easy to get is because no questions ask. And they get it right away, not like what we get on the banks, ang hirap talaga. So how will you be able to do that when you are elected? How will you do this Kita part?

AC: Short short background, I always believe in transforming society, transforming government, and corruption was a main issue no. But the Obama campaign showed us that if you’re so active in social media and traditional media and you have a platform, it becomes self-fulfilling. So for example, they all have their stand in immigration, but when Obama went for it and he won, after the election everyone wanted to be in immigration. So part of the strategy of my campaign now is to have small listening tour so this are with certain sectors, so rather than standing in stage, so like this no. Except that I’m doing more talking now. But I, for example I started in Pritil market in Tondo then I went to mighty market in Quezon City, market in CDO, and then Dangwa flower market, then after that I went to senior citizens in Malolos then I went to fishermen from the six provinces around the Laguna lake, and near that I went to the LGUs in Bicol no. What I’m sharing now is not originally Alan ideas. It is, what I was amazed is that when I talked to them not only do they know their problem because they’re, but they know solutions. So for example, like Dangwa market, Dangwa is where the 5-6, it’s in Dangwa market first came out with the solving the 5-6. So I was asking them, kamusta? And in Dangwa while they’re making a bouquet for my wife, the guy making it was telling me, si Adel was his name no, sabi ko Adel kamusta kita? Sir, sabi nya, basta araw ng patay at Christmas and valentines napakalakas, ang problema we have to borrow so much money and we have to pay 20% whether we use it for a week or a month and we pay naman cash cash but they do not consign it the flowers eh. So sabi nya, for example if we borrow 20 thousand, so we have to pay 24, 000. So rather kita ko na yung 4, 000, I have to pay that sa 5-6. So when I met the vendor who say, why can’t the government lend it up to 1 or 2%, even 3 even 5%. Ang sabi nung isa, kasi Sir walang nagbabayad. So sabi naman nung isa, and this one is in ano naman, in the market, anong walang nagbabayad? Then let’s prohibit them from selling. So I asked them, bakit ba yung sa Bombay ay successful. Sabi niya, Sir unang una sa Bombay either sila ang lalapit or bibigyan ka ng cell… So sabi nila, then you’ll just call them or you text them. Then they’ll start by lending you a thousand. And if you pay them daily then they’ll lend you 3, 000 then 5, 000 then 10, 000. So, sabi nung presidente, edi ganun ang gawin natin. So if you borrow 5, 000, ang 5-6 is 200 a day, so sabi let’s compute it at 5% will ano everyday, sabi naman nung isa ba’t pag gobyerno hindi tayo nagbabayad? So sabi nung head nung association, papayag ba kayo? Pag hindi nagbayad, hindi bawal magbenta that day. So sabi, pwede. So at the end of the meeting with the economic managers, and they were saying one of the achievements of the President is from 800, 000 panahon ni GMA – the cash transfer, it’s now 3.8 million.

MB: The problem with the conditional cash transfer for what we heard is that they spend it on coke or soda.

AC: Without going into that, what the economic managers have told me is that they’re going to double from 40 million, billion to 80 billion. So that’s what my proposal came in. I said, since we are already spending 40 billion on conditional cash transfer and you’re saying it’s successful–

MB: It’s actually not successful

AC: Why don’t we take 15 billion and instead of giving it directly to people that way and debate whether it’s a dole out or whether it’s an effective intervention, why don’t we give every region 500 million top cooperatives associations and barangays and do it the way the 5-6 does. So that’s the proposal. To your question, how will it work? First, we have to regionalize. Give the money per region and then you only give it to businesses that are actually making—

MB: Is it an Act or Law?

AC: No. You need, conditional cash transfer doesn’t have a law. So I call it CCTFB in the facebook but for business. So I’m proposing a part 2 of CCT. So we have CCT which is what they want now for mothers who will send their child to school then we have the CCT part 2 which is microfinance. So I don’t mind if each region does it differently. So if in this, let’s say Metro Manila, we have banks that gumagana yung microfinance nila and then I don’t mind if they do it that way. But in most phases they want to do it the way the people who want 5-6.

MB: So you’re converting the CCT to a second phase

AC: Yes, to a second phase and I’m proposing to work it the way the 5-6 does it. So, for example, retail market they only had 700 vendors. So at 5,000 each that’s 3.5 million, so we give the association 3.5 million, we train yung sisingil, we put together the MOA and the rules, which is, if you don’t pay, 175 a day, including interest ‘di ba? If you don’t pay the 175 a day, you cannot sell here the next day. So exactly what the bombays would do, except that it’s much less interest. Now, how will it work in places like that? These are all businesses that are already working. For example, tricycle drivers. Minsan, when their motorcycle gets broken, they have to borrow money, again 5-6 for this. But they’ll pay naman, kasi everyday naman yung pasada. The same thing, so yung pinaka-head nung linya will not allow them pumila if they don’t pay the 10 pesos or 50 a day. After we take care, that’s the most low lying fruit eh. Ibig sabihin, given na yun na nandiyan na yung infrastructure, it’s easy to do. The second part is, for example, DPWH is requiring coco coir in all of their projects, mining companies are now required to use the coco coir. But places like Quezon and Bicol, do not have capital to do this. But they have the coconut there, they have the farmers or yung wife ng mga farmers and you have the market. So in Thailand, yung one town one product nila, may product development, may seminars, at may puhunan. So that’s another option. You don’t lend the money but you actually go in partnership with them then they get the pay or they get part of it. So, all of these are not original ideas of Alan Cayetano. It’s what we talked about in the listening tours.

MB: And then, follow-up, some of the twitter followers are asking, why did PTK come about just when you are having your campaign and what is really your advocacy? I mean, was the PTK only there to make you look good for the campaign, or is there really an advocacy that has been there since then?

AC: We came from, Taguig has always been a poor area. The barangays surrounding Fort Bonifacio, they didn’t use to own their land, so ang problema nila parati is dinidemolish sila dahil walang trabaho. So ever since I was a councilor, I started as councillor in 1992, and then I’ve been promoting better education is better jobs and then yung sinasabi nila na why is our Asian neighbors always asking, anong bussiness? Anong negosyo? Filipinos always asking, anong trabaho? So I grew up like that. Ang problema, in my third term in Congress, and in my first term in the Senate, the issue is always corruption. And you cannot talk about simple economics, halimbawa, time ni GMA, how can I talk about fertilizer para tumaas yung kita when ang pinag-uusapan pa dun fertilizer scam, di ba? How can I talk about better jobs eh yung pinag-uusapan eh, ghost employees? But now na may, supposedly good governance is equalling good economics, when I started this, I started this actually a year ago (the PTK), it came about looking at how we can get better jobs and mas malaking kita. Then we read articles of Ciel Habito, former secretary Ciel Habito is very practical. He said, don’t look at GDP, don’t look at employment, etc., look at PTK. PRESYO, TRABAHO, KITA. I have meetings with him, then with other people, and then looking at his economics which are very practical and so I asked him, can I be one of those who promote PTK. Then we came up with certain things which are do-able. For example, of all the prices, it’s only oil that affects everything else. Meaning kahit hindi mo tanggalin ang vat sa lahat ng produkto, hindi tataas ang presyo. But everytime gas goes up and then vat is 12%, everything else goes up. So if you put 6%, and 12% lang sa gas, prices can stabilize. So that’s where PTK came about. But the actual programs came about during the election because as I talked to these people at the ground, sila nagsa-suggest. Oh senator, wag na kayo magpaka high-tech, ito na yung pwedeng solusyon diyan, ito yung solusyon dyan no. For example, this Ate Glo, I forgot her name because she’s the Gloria that I actaully love. This is a shoe factory in Marikina. It looks Italian. It’s a Marikina shoe. It is made in Marikina, the Valentino family— 20 years ago, there are 100,000 shoe workers in Marikina. Ten years ago, there’s 42,000. Now, there’s only 6,000. This cost between 2 to 4 thousand pesos. How much can they total cost? Of course, it is style. Not to compare, but my point with that is this, the Japanese, I was watching a documentary, you go to the department store, they don’t display American-made electronics. It’s in the back. Everything in the front— you have to look for the American. And even they see an American in the store which is cheaper, they’ll buy Japanese. Why? Because, it creates jobs. So I was talking to the students last night, sabi ko how many of you have OFW parents? Pag sinabing uwian ko kayo ng Nike, you’ll say mom wag nalang. Give me half or one-third the money, and I’ll go Marikina and buy shoes. By telling them, we can’t change as a nation if all our mentalities buy imported and yung latest style, and I will go to school unless I have the latest Nike. That’s why I’m so excited with the visiting tour, because it’s really not about me. Quick examples lang no, so this is my visting tour with the tricycle drivers, when they talk about 5-6 din, when they don’t have any money. This is my listening tour with the fisherman. I am talking to the fishermen, around Laguna lake, some from Batangas where they also have fish cages sa may Taal. The point here is that despite 6.6 GDP growth, negative yung growth sa fisheries. We are importing galunggong from China, when we are an archipelago. So, for example here, they are proposing for department of fisheries, because they said agriculture is getting all the attention, when there is so much to do in fisheries. Just two more examples, this is Abel, the guy I told you sa Dangwa, where I bought a bouquet of flowers, I try to pull it together myself but I have to give it back to him but I learned. This is my listening tour with construction workers, where I learned that if they are paid correctly; make 2,000 to 3,000 a week. People in strawberry farms are making 200 a day and only 4 months a year. So you can see the difference of all of these. But in each place that I talked to, meron parating, these are Sendong victims. We have 10 to 15 storms that’s getting worse every year. And we have a lot of good relief projects but not very good rehab projects. So, if I tell you this as my platform, they might say na ang ganda, ang dami palang alam ni Alan, assuming you like it, but it’s not from me. It’s really from them, so it makes you excited to represent these people in the senate because you know the problems are real but you know the solutions are do-able; some through legislation but some arejust, through— some of these are coconut farmers. DTI has actually 700 million for shared productions and work. They can have factories where you do coco coir, but several owners, several businessmen in one factory. So some of the programs are there, but there’s no money in different places. These are farmers in Sta. Rita, Pampanga. They don’t have 5-6, but when they need money and they haven’t harvested the rice, they sell one kaban at 500 pesos in advance, but when the rice could be sold at more than 800 per kaban. So in the sense, it’s 5-8 and not 5-6. But in the sense, it is more than one month din kasi.

MB: So I’m also concerned with how will it be implemented. So, that’s why I also ask that because it’s also not a matter of lending. It’s also educating them to separate business funds from the—

AC: Agree. Agree.

MB: Yeah, because that’s what I discovered in my study that’s why they always run out—

AC: 100% agree. But what made me change my mind is the enforcement mechanism. Meaning if the tricycle driver says that if you don’t pay today hindi ka pwedeng pumila. Wala silang choice kasi wala silang kakainin that day. If the head of association and the lender and the borrower agrees I cannot sell this market kasi, look, the Bombay’s are not violent people.

MB: They won’t take no for an answer.

AC: Yeah. But outcome, they have to pay everyday. So actually they are not the sinners in the sense that they’re actually providing a service eh. Kasi kung wala sila, people in the market will not be able to sell that day.

MB: But besides just providing microfinance, I think as a whole 80% of Filipinos are unbank.

That’s why…I work in a bank, I face a lot of foreign investors. That’s the issue. There’s a huge demand. You have to be educated. You know I just find it using the 5-6 is just so— for these people.

AC: Agree. But for the guy in Dangwa, if he doesn’t borrow, kasi, I don’t know how much he makes, maybe 30%, so he pays 20, he still makes 10 more, di ba? But, ang problema, to prove your point, some people in the market, they don’t pay for the capital anymore, kasi as I said before, you know, they mix their funds, so sometimes, sa sobra namang laki, out of control na. They are in the debt trap na already. So having said that, so that’s why it’s a PTK program. It’s not only a presyo, it’s not only trabaho, it’s not only kita. So kanina, someone wrote in the tabloids, how can Cayetano solve all of them, o how does he say about comprehensive plan when each one is a big problem, but that is my point nga. We’ve been trying to attack it one at a time. So ang conditional cash transfer, some might say it might be good but alone, hindi pwede. So for example, that trabaho no, kailangan mo isabay yung technical skills, education, and knowledge. So namatay si Krizelle, and everyone’s using that to say na dapat walang tuition, etc. No one’s discussing that 25% lang ang tuition sa gastos ng bata. So in Laguna State Polytechnic, a CPA student say, “our teacher made us compute, it cost us 224, 000 for our education and our tuition is only 7,000 a month, so 14, 000 a year or in 4 years that’s 56 thousand. So even if you give us free tuition, that’s no guarantee that we won’t drop-out, and out of 100 students, 14 already drop-out in grade 2. By the time you are in high school, 40 percent had already dropped out. Only 23 got to college, only 15 graduate. And of 15 who graduate, only half of them will have jobs, so may mismatch there. But what’s the problem? Without a program whether it’s PTK or anything, wala kang targeting. So why can’t we say, that’s why we are using 2020. What are the targets for the next 7 years for example, or next 10 years? How many graduates do you want next year? Kung 15% this year, do you want 18% next year? And anong percentage? Ilan ang TESDA? Ilan ang college graduate? Because how much can the labor market absorb? And I talked to the flour industry, sabi nila I can’t tell you everything that can give you solution. Sabi ko why, eh ang problema namin pina-pirate ang tao namin, in demand sila abroad. So obviously, if we have more graduates to address this concern, pwede. Call centers na sobrang laki ng growth. Only 6 to 15 out of 100 who apply, get into call centers. All the rest, lumilipat lang sila. Meaning, better education for them you don’t have to leave the country because call centers are also good. But again, what do the bankers and investors say? You have to go up the value chain. There is one time that we supply 80-85% of electronics, but unlike Taiwan, unlike Japan, and unlike Korea now, they have their own brand and they went up. So they now have the Lenovo, Acer, etc. Tayo, we are just making the ano. So ganun din sa ano. We are now better than India now because we are getting the BPOs. But what they are not saying is that India is now going up the value chain, so all of these really worked together. Again, what can one senator do? Not much. But, if we get the critical mass of all these people we are talking to, if people blog about it, if the news reports it, no politician can ignore it. And that’s what Obama did to get certain things pass. They said impossible because republicans and democrats, liberals, and conservatives will never agree. But right now, though they are not agreeing, everyone agrees that they have to have immigration reforms because it was such a big issue. So, actually making PTK a big issue. So, precisely there would be arguments.  So that there would be debate, and there would be programs that actually address it, ‘cause right now, it’s all motherhood, it’s all trickle down-effect eh. Ang problema sa trickle down, you take 6-10 years, hindi pwede. It won’t happen. And 6-10 years assume that you have good governance in 6-10 years, no external problems and always a good president, diba? But after 3 years who knows who our president will be.

MB: So that’s why some cannot understand why your bill doesn’t jive with your PTK.

AC: Well, sometimes the traditional media only looks at bills. I’m very active in discussing the budget and all the vat bills. I was the one who put the earmarking for education, whether I voted for it or against it. So every time we have the budget deliberation, we don’t need a law for that. The GAA, General Appropriations Act, is a law. So all these I’m talking about, I’ve been talking about the last few years. So when Mr. Ramon Ang of Petron said the other day that 30 billion is lost, 30 billion worth of oil is being smuggled, I actually brought it up two years ago in the budget hearing. Asking that the coast guard receive new ships and they said they don’t have the money. And I said how much are we losing due to the smuggling of oil? So which came first, the chicken or the egg diba? Do we stop the smuggling then we have the money or do you have the money and you don’t stop the smuggling? But that’s not reported in the media. And that’s not in a bill. Diba ganyan kakapal yung records ng Congress, but hindi yun yung lumalabas.

MB: As a Senator, what is your plan on speeding up the internet access? And yung internet, whether it’s broadband or mobile, ‘cause one of the main problems here in the Philippines is also we have two or three or four big Telco’s. The problem is the development of broadband and the access to certain website that they say they cannot actually set-up. And one of the reasons is that we don’t have on main gateway wherein the government can actually invest in that and we don’t have all these.

AC: Partially true in the sense that it’s expensive to do. But partially false, because when you go to a higher bandwidth, more quality yung bandwidth, then you can do so much voice over internet that mawawala na yung main bread and butter nila which is the calls and the texts messages. Diba right now, we have viber and facebook and private messages and what’s up, pagka naka-unlimted ka, you can basically do what you’re doing in texting now, piso piso. So there’s two ways to do it. (1) By regulation, which is very hard because may regulatory capture tayo in the Philippines eh. Usually even the big companies control the regulation. Even you have a president who’s fighting for change, President Ramos has done a lot of head way, President Aquino is doing head way din but it is slow. But the other way to do it is through supply and demand, market forces. What am I talking about? When my Dad was sick, I was observing the US. US has 300 million Americans, only 10% is poor. We will not say that 90% is rich but they have purchasing power. So with 270 million Americans, if 10% likely, you have 27 million, if 1% likely you have 2.7 million, if 0.01% likely you have 270, 000. What’s my point? If you have a CD, you have a book, you have a good article, website, etc., you make 1 dollar in the 0.01% ah, you have 270,000 dollars. What’s the average income of the US resident? 48-60 thousand pesos. So, 270,000 is times 4. You buy a house, i-mortgage mo pa, diba big house. If you want, you can buy a car, etc. In the Philippines, how many for a platinum record?  15,000. Will the record label give you 20 pesos per CD? Even if they do, 15,000, that’s only 300,000. You cannot even buy a low-cost house second hand dahil luma na yon, wala kang pandamit and the singer has to go to fiestas and to shows to make money. So what’s the key? The key is more Filipinos with more money. Because if more Filipinos have money, more internet companies or more of the Telco’s will spend more because they are willing to make more with less. If you have hundred million Filipinos with spending power, even if you make 10 cents per Filipino that’s 10 million diba? So how do you do it? Combination of both. You have to pressure sa regulation, it’s like yung sa drop calls. Nung nag-pressure yung text groups and everything, they started doing something about the drop calls. Before that, they didn’t. So they did it through regulation. Through the president getting mad to a politician getting advantage diba. But it was also economy dahil we are the text capital and everyone has a cellphone and everything. So it’s a combination of the two. But we’re also doing our part, for example in Taguig, we have a 300 million scholarship fund for anyone who wants to study. If you are center of excellence, UP, Ateneo, La Salle, etc., you get 40 thousand automatically. Plus 10 thousand if you are Cum Laude standing. But just by enrolling, TESDA, you get 5 thousand, or maybe 10-20 thousand. All of our high schools were installed with computer-installed learning, local, it came from Singapore. And it’s whole curriculum, and it’s easy to install in elementary. Why are we doing that? Aside from having the best workforce in students, look at the Hospital ng Makati, when it was so good program with the yellow card, nainggit yung ibang LGUs that’s why we became the goal standard. So while we are preaching it, we are also doing it. So that LGUs all over the country would say why can Taguig do it? Of course we have much more funds than the others, but Makati has triple the funds we do, but in education we are doing a little bit better in some aspects. So I think it’s really a combination of preaching it and doing it and innovation, some of it free market. I was telling Noynoy, in 2005, we’re very close with Hongkong regional groups eh, united Filipinos in Hongkong, text pa nun nung 2005, by 2009, 200-300 dollars nalang ang netbook, facebook na, hindi na ano eh. So some of it is also because technology is getting cheaper. So nung dati, 50,000 isang desktop, it’s hard to say that computer is 1:1 but now 15-20,000 may netbook o tablet ka na di ba. It’s getting more pragmatic.

AC: So while we are preaching it we are also doing it so that LGU’S all over the..Why can’t we? of course we have much funds over than the others but Makati has triple the funds we do but in education we do a little bit better in some aspects so i think it’s really a combination of preaching it and doing it and then doing innovation some of the free market ano,, I was telling nga before everyone came in in 2005….united Filipinos in Hongkong…nung 2009 dahil 200 – 300 $ nalang net book facebook na humina na so some of it is also because technology is getting cheaper kung nung dati 50k isang desktop it’s hard to say that all schools should have  computer na one is to one but now 15-20k may tablet ka na, di-ba its getting more pragmatic.

MB: In relation to that, what’s your stand on cyber crime?

AC: I did not vote for it but i admit i should have done more to stop it. so i have to file 2 bills, one is really retaining libel even in outside cyber under cyber crime law making it a civil liability rather than criminal liability then the other bill is to take out all the parts of the cyber law which is the against the constitution against freedom of information against and the freedom of speech. The disappointing thing is we already had a focus and despite the generation gap between some members..aa  you know the generation gap they were saying what’s the difference of slandering someone like this and facebook, facebook is supposed to be among friends e it’s a private conversation, except that marami, digitally it allows you to have a big group so among friends I would be able to say what i want to say etc noh? So there’s a generation gap? Because a lot in the senate is that, so like someone will saying this ‘i want to say that corrupt is politicians’ so your saying, if everyone says that, who doesn’t say it? Now if you’re not corrupt hindi ka guilty and sa digital naman did you answer diba if youre going to say allan is corrupt then I’ll just ask, excuse me ho I’am sorry but why would you say that. diba and ganito and everyone did this, its rediculous you look foolish if it’s true then mabubulgar ako so what’s wrong with that, hindi na ano ng ibang senators yon because sila they were come from a generation that if you can’t prove it in court you can’t say it diba? But that’s why we have so much corruption thats why during GMA administration they kept on saying ‘edi kasuhan mo ko sa korte’ how long would that take pero patay ka na hindi pa tapos yan sa korte. But my point is we had a focus and we all agree to that ammendment of taking out certain parts but hindi ginawa but we still have 3 days in june so im hoping that it will… mas gusto kong kami ang mag ammend kaso sa supreme court ang mag-strike down.

MB: Speaking of dito sa delay, kasi you run for vice mayor before and you’re only declared I think during the last few days before the election.

AC: After i won as congressman in 1998, I was proclaimed as vice mayor of 1995. It took four judges and they gave it in themselves kasi medyo malakas ang backers ng kalaban ko during at that time.

MB: saka basically maraming nakikita na let’s say mga mayor, vice mayor, governor, congressman who were unseated and they were kumbaga put on place at the end of their term, as a senator what law can you actually pass in order for this kasi this is  really a  problem.

AC:  Well Partly, if you look at my laws it is really democratic even sa court cases noh and I’m not blaming the supreme court because it’s been there for the longgest time even if you look at our ano dapat continuous yung trial pero actually sa ngayon the next trial is 3 to 6 months later, So thats why when I visit jails many of them there tapos na yung kanilang 3,6 or 9 years hindi pa din tapus yung kaso nila some of it is poor implementation for example and really ahm being pro active  for example noh we dont react to those apointed as a commissioner then kapag ang inappoint natin is someone who doesn’t follow the law or is corrupt nagagalit tayo so if we remember yung last two appointments diba, so one was appointed and it turned out that he had a case so because of the netizens and media na maingay hindi siya tumuloy. I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, what im saying is that’s how it should be. It should have be deduct to politicians even if there is commision on appointments to confirm kasi may kanya kanyang interest din yan so part of it is really kasi kahit gaano kaganda ang batas kung ang ilalagay mo dyan is a election operators or people who will manipulate it diba kasi I’ve seen so many election cases and let’s face it in our country if you cheated but yung for 3 years or 6 years sa susunod papular ka na kasi ang dami mo na nagawa e diba? thats why we should catch it before it happens, there are things in the law the you can change but for example yung nangyari sakin na may nuisance candidate until nagka automated it couldn’t have solve it because comelec keep saying that they’ll solve it, they’ll do it but look at what happened to me they decided the day before the election that is to disqualify it after the day of election they said ‘may papel pa sya so don’t count it pag walang Allan’  but they could have decided that a week before para hindi ako nag suffer ng ganon in that case nanalo ako but im the only candidate in senatorial who won na may kapangalan every one before me were victims na the mere fact na may kapangalan ka talo ka. The law didn’t solved it the technology solve it so nung ngakaroon ng automation yung shading, like ngayon may dalawang Magsaysay if you like them both vote both of them if you like two of them ganon, but at least wala ng nung ano ‘e dapat akin yan’ kasi nandun naman na pareho you just have to shade it.

MB: I want to go back to the 120 minute limit,  the cost of the print advertisements you are saying that it was 480,000 per staff and does the ComElec consider the production cost according from the…

AC:  you should report it, you should report it. So usually the production cost comes from anywhere between 100,000 to million

MB: are you even considering the production cost

AC: but you also have a spending limit so like if your allowed only to 3 pesos so you are allowed  150 million so even if you are given more minutes you cannot spend more than 150 million in media because even if the report, we have institution like Nielsen that will record it, but if a candidate who’s a trapo has 400 million and he have time limits and just still spend the 250 million but wont report in ano, and buy t-shirts then give it to politicians, they’ll buy books, they’ll buy poso, build whatever so the internet and ads actually democratizes because if you have 30-50 million may laban ka e but you have to have a great ads and great messages you have to be a good product. Some candidates kasi are complaining e na wala kaming pang ad. it’s not the amount of ads. In 2007 I have much much less ads and in fact I have to shift to a ad that telling them right alan, some said ‘this will get the people to right Alan but it doesn’t get votes kasi walang plataporma yun e’ but I have much less but i still won. But i have to stop myself from going around because it cost money to go around and I have to put it all in ads. Im
not saying it’s the most efficient so if you’re saying that were spending to much yes, but all around the world candidates are spending too much, but the key is to get people to fund your campaign rather than getting big companies or getting immoral, illegal sources for funding.

MB: My only question is that are you not agree in 120 minute or the actual limit

AC: in the discussion in the senate its the 121st minute because it allows you to go regional so you can even spend less, secondly experts put it that way  because its the number of minutes specially for radio. Radio is a frequency medium kung hindi ka paulit-ulit and then radio is more effective in a dialect diba  so a 180 minutes in a 90 day campaign thats four spots a day only about FM 20 % listen to radio and in AM 14% so thats why people with surnames who are known sila ang top of minds so it’s the new once who are lugi when we have this limits and when you cannot raise money for the people so it became which came first the chicken or the egg or whether like you are a good person. Look I’m pedro cruz valedictorian ako sa ganito I spent my life helping farmers etcetera but I dont have money for  the campaign give 5 pesos each and i can continue my candidacy that’s a obama type of campaign then they will come in, but right now hindi e. Alam mo stop that advertising, who will win? Only the artista because sila lang yung kilala, when you stop artista, who will win? Only the broadcast journalist, because sila din lang yung nasa TV if you stop them, who will win?  Only the cabinet members kasi sila lang ang nasa news palagi. Rather on saying wag ito, wag ito wag ito I’d rather have face to face meeting I’d rather have meeting like this but if they never broadcast it now sila lang may alam na kausap ko sila channel 2 and 7 won’t cover because it might daw be bias for a candidate unless buong team PNOY daw kami but pano naman kami magiging buong Team Pnoy  to be fair to some of the regional they cover but they still have to be very careful because it’s a real event. Hindi rin kasalanan ng 2 at 7 because if they do cover may magrereklamo sa kabila or kakampi ko kasi sasabihin nila bat si ano kino-cover niyo,  e kasi sila nasa rally e ako I’m talking platform.

MB: How does it ruin you having mmk show?

AC: First of all life is not fair I mean some people have better stories than the other ako I love to sing but singing hates me, so but I never complain but I married a woman who has a very good voice who can sing for me so I don’t complain in the campaign na ang galing nila kumanta ako you know ABS CBN won’t do it because they know you or they like you. You know I’ve gone through the interviews they have to see a story that is worth and you know this are all about ratings also so like the Cayetano story actually rated and it actually had commercials I hope you liked it, but if you ask me, would I mind if everyone have this? You know the comelec. But to be fair to them you can turn off the TV, ang kwan ko lang ang comelec has 240 million
for information campaign so I told them why don’t you buy time for the candidates so if there was 33 candidates you buy them 3 minutes each, so if you say that ok we will get a non prime time time and we’ll give you 30 minutes all of you make your story I wouldn’t object to that but if you say ok we’ll dont do TV and hindi ka pwedeng ganyan. hindi mangyayari. you can only do it before the campaign during the campaign is….

AC: to be fair to these shows, you can’t just come out and say na ‘guys put me on the show’. Now look at for example mr. Lason, yung gumawa ng 12 little thing you can do for your country it was a big hit he was on all the shows because to be fair to him he did something great it’s simple, understandable and all the shows featured him diba so doon wala tayong problema he desserves it so ang problema  sa ibang candidates kasi they come out from nowhere then they say na ‘guys why arent you featuring me?’,  but having said I agree with you, it’s not black and white, but during the 1998 campaign period amm,, yah but sometimes like nung panahon ni GMA the opposition got more air time because when you complain about GMA but we didnt have any funds, we didn’t receive pork barrels iniipit kami, sinusundan kami tine-threat na ikulong kami those in the administration they didn’t have much airtime na tinitira sila but they have projects left in ganyan. So it wasnt a metter who’s there o hinde but a matter of what asset you have and what decissions you made in your life, but right now is it fair that those with surnames na kilala are the ones who win it? It’s not fair. But what are we doing to change the system and for me the way to change the system is to get airtime democratically and airtime includes the internet but also to make it easy for people to donate because unless you can just text the amount you cannot get the donations e, in 2007 talagang wala kaming pondo

MB: I think what that is trying to control is vested interest because if you let this there’s a special MTR that national that congressmen and senator in US spend half of their time calling theyre constituents for donations because you know you have lobbyist which is the same thing.

AC: but at least if you’re somebody but not in the surname that everyone knows. I agree with that you can become a congressman, senator etcetera but right now you either have to become an actor, news caster or come from a family of ganyan… Kami hindi, my grandfather was a mechanic, my grandmother was a public school teacher but my dad had assured he became kompanyero kaya siya nakilala, but how many have that story? Gringgo and senator Trillanes are over the TV because of the coup but they were in jail It has to be a better way of launching a coup or having a TV show etcetera or being a son to get there, but what I’m saying is that I’m not against those criticizing na ganyan I’m just saying there are some positive steps that we’re taking like what we are doing now. I think the time will come maybe in 2016-2019 that even though you dont have much ad but if the bloggers and the social media loves you it might be enough to be elected right now is enough to get notice but not enough to get 15 million votes but it can easily destroy you by the way even if your very very popular if you’re a popular lawyer turns out to a popular amalayer, it can really destroy you. Halimbawa your so nice on TV tapos suddenly nakuhanan ka na nag mumura ka nang lalait kang ganyan through social media it can expose your tunay na ano but except that now ano may negative, positive so look at the other candidates facing some issues diba you don’t know who’s telling the truth because it’s not caught on tape.

MB: But it’s also managing your social media if that happens then you have to like what Villar did 2 days after, she talk with us and she clarify rightaway she explain herself why she said that.

AC: But I couldn’t say that people were not forgiving, I’m just saying that pwede kang mahuli kung halimbawa nakita ka ang ano mo no corruption biglang nahuli ka nag aabot ng 500 pesos para hindi ka ma-ticketan, pwede ka mag sorry pero but at least mabubuko ka sa tao. Kunware sa security guard, then sinisigawan mo yung security guard bat hindi ka pinapasok senador ako tapos ayaw mo kong papasukin dyan kasi wala akong sticker eto ang mukha ako sticker? you say something like that can destroy you. In that sense it’s a tool for transparency.

MB: Pero we are also discerning that amalayer I wasn’t really for it because there are two sides of story so we can also discern if you become a meme or something we will try to find out because it really just become viral.

MB: I actually wanted like I remember after your whole day with JPE and look who’s here and ”O I need to talk to Allan Peter he was amazing, congratulations I’m a huge fan

AC: I was actually avoiding it happened. I actually talk to my sister and we said you know, if that’s the way he think we are its not always fair it’s about money so let’s just make sure that the senate money will goes to the people and let’s just be quiet about it if they wouldn’t stop hitting us then the chief of staff started hitting me so I said I have to stand for not for myself but for the position, I didn’t know that you know,,

MB: I think you answer well there, about the money.

AC: I haven’t gotten the result of the investigation they promised, they asked for ceasefire on the condition that there will be a honest investigation at ilalabas nila how does the money of the senate is being spent. The good thing is that there’s a reform we cannot now liquidate with the receipt but only with our own funds with the more 500 million or more than 1 million I don’t know if that is being impose and where the money came from itself but I don’t want to use it as an election issue so I’m keeping quiet about it but I’m hoping that we will realy have an investigation kasi for me kung nangyari sa mahirap yan sa clerk nakulong na yan e

MB: So when will the result coming out with that investigation

AC: I don’t know we’re waiting, I trust  COA so I’m hoping that they’ll have a book of
comprehensive report.

MB:  Ah senator balik lang tayo sa PTK, I like your concept e pagdating dun sa micro entrepreneur because I am one form being an ATP sa HR I decided to be a freelance and start all on scratch. Now alam naman natin na yung imbalance na yun e yung falling part 80% of resources is to 30 % of average families

AC: I agree with you, 25 richest Filipinos income equals the total income of 56 million poor Filipino we looked at the forms ng kinikita nila and then we looked at the FIES and other data so 25 richest Filipino income equals the total income of 56 million poor filipino which is basically more than half by the way hindi lang sila ang nag susuffer even the other  businessmen were suffering kasi wala itong purchasing power so we will up to be have more than 25 richest not that we will have less oligarchs we will have more billionaires if more people have money.

MB: So how do you intend to make sure that the resources will be trickle down

AC: I think step by step e we just have to keep intervening, hindi nga pwedeng they’re saying you need at least 10 years at a growth of what? 5-7 %  but you’re not sure that it will happen, even if we have PNoy we can’t have PNoy for 12 years so what we have to do is now that everything is rose and everything is growth how do you pick up things from the top and instead of trickling it down ibuhos mo pababa, remember I tried to trickle it down and in every step of the way may nakaganyan pa, so we have to get a part of that in going down. Let’s say in agriculture, you ask the farmers and fishermen kakaunti ang anak nila na nag sasabing gusto kong mgaing farmer gusto ko maging fisherman. Why?  Because it’s an irony they’re feeding us but they are hungry diba, so how do we have programs that they do in the US, they do in Europe, they do in Thailand to help these farmers so we had free fertilizer but because of the fertilizer scam na-i stop they stop the whole program not only the corruption I get the internet
can’t we say that this is the one million this goes to Pampangga, this is the picture these are the names and picture of the farmers, eto ang nabigyan. Payag ang farmers e in fact sabi ng farmers kung may internet ibigay niyo sa baranggay kasi bihira ang corruption sa baranggay kasi mag kakamag anak e so there are ways to intervene and to bring it down and then the farmers they are staying with their family while waiting for an etcetera can do cottage industries and Economists are all saying that its are chance to get manufacturing from China because nag over heat na doon mahal na ang employees but may obligation naman tayo what about our attitude halimbawa my T-shirt, Philippine made my pants, Philippine made my shoes was Philippine made but before the PTK tour I’ve been like anyone and I called Cecile and one time for the magazine she styled ganyan after ng ano my wife asked where did Cecile get all of those and I want Allan to wear that all the time, because who doesn’t like to look good but Cecile will a me if I can’t look just as good at 10% of the price and help Filipinos have jobs why not because she is not about that e shes about looking good in the best way you can diba so that is something that Filipinos have to change because we were brought up na unless it’s the best brand, kasi tayo wala tayong discrimination sa religion or sa kulay ang discrimination natin sa class that’s why everyone wants to have a status symol. That is why kung I phone 5 ka or S3 o whatever is the latest, medyo may sinabi ka. Pero kung Nokia 2110 ka pa rin medyo may sinabi ka na rin vintage ka na e diba. There are thing that can change.

MB: Senator paano mo, anong programa ang pwede mong isulong para mabago yung mindset ng younger generation na pagka graduate ko gusto ko mag trabaho sa ganito…

AC: I asked the students both from Batanggas State Univesity and Laguna State Polytechnic University, ‘If mabibigyan kayo ng kapital ngayon how will you have ideas and think you can make it’ I did the same at 2-3 years ago when I went to school in Cavite. 1,600 ang graduate, ang sabi nga nila mag benta lang kami ng tocino tapa or whatever 1,600 batch mates pwera pa yung sa ibang level before and before you can’t reach them ngayon may facebook na e. So I think we should not be afraid to do some trial and error if we give 100 million bka 50,60,70 baka malugi but I thinks its part of it I mean…Donald Trump how many times did he go bankrupt before he ano ulit diba..gaya nung sabi nung the guy who wrote the ‘Rich dad, Poor dad’ Old brilliant! kaya kahit pala ma-bunkrupt si ano e..But they’re not afraid e they have mechanisms of just doing it but I think we can fix certain regions per sector that hindi ganoon kalaki yung risk. Ang maganda sa pinoy hindi madamot ang pinoy e, so you know ang pinoy they are worst on keeping secrets, e ano ba yung secret formula? ‘Boss pwede ba kita gayahin? ano bang secret formula?’ ,’secret pero alam mo ganito kumuha ka ng flour kumuha ng ganito tapos the secret is in the baking.’ so we love to do it that way e so it’s a matter of think ano talaga e.

MB: So nakikita niyo senador na yung problema ay ang ability ng gobyerno na mag labas o mag bigay ng available resources

AC: I think the problem is that we rely too much on capitalism and it prove as it’s the best system compare to others bakit hindi ka pwedeng hindi makialam ang gobyerno it’s an uneven system e in the end sa capitalism mayroong very very rich and very very poor. There’s no other system that works. Even China their kind of socialism and communism is still capitalism but you have to intervene in a way that may tsansa din ang mga taong walang chance so for example education; I don’t look at everyone saying is it a right or a privilege? is it an obligation
or ganyan? sa akin simple lang Education is an opportunity, the more Filipinos that study the more the Philippines will grow, the more wealthier the Philippines will be. So anyone who wants to study I even pay them to study even give hem allowance to study why? kasi when they graduate and when they work they’ll pay taxes hindi sila aasa sa gobyerno but when you do have a good education, look at Hongkong the Most of the domestic helpers do you think they want to be there?, first of all they want to be in the Philippines and if they have to be abroad they’d rather be making more, but the educational attainment nila doon so but make them study They’ll be in Taiwan factory workers. Factory workers in Taiwan they have better education they’ll be in Singapore or in China or in Saudi. So for me lahat ng gusto mag aral, 70 year old nga gumagraduate pa ng hish school dahil dream niyang mag aral e so diba and right now ang dami ng ladderize e lalo na sa IT yo can take the six months in 1 year then work then go back then you’ll have bachelor of arts and bachelor of science maybe you’ll be bag na mag 9 years ka sa school rather than magna cum laude but still you make it e.

MB: Anong klaseng intervention ang pwede niyong gawin para sa (Eco) employers consideration kasi sa tuwing pag uusapan ang minimum wage palaging panakot ng grupong to mag sasara kami, mas mabuti na yung mas maraming empleyadong maliit ang sahod kesa itaas mo at magsasara naman.

AC: For me first is to know the problem second is target and planning ang problem sa Pilipinas business men know how to know the problem, know the market and know how to plan so let me give example sa education, Anu bang plano sa education? Everyone ngayon is saying same thing: help the students, mas mura yung tuition, do this, do that. What’s the target? how do you get from 15% to 80% what’s the ratio do we believe that we should have 30 % tesda graduates and 40 % then 40 na and how much will it cost for example if I was the king of the day I’ll find out how much would it cost na 100 % graduate, When we say graduate how much of the 6 months course, ilan yung 3 year course, ilan yung sa TESDA, ilan yung ganyan and the cost are divided. I’ll talk to employer’s federation, ‘you want better employees? ilan ang pwede niyong i-scholar dito?’ I’ll talk to the rich local governments Makati, Manila, Quezon city, Davao, Taguig you can afford more can you give this at hindi naman tatapatan eto third class people we can’t afford but for every scholars that you put tatapatan namin ng sampu so kasi for me ano e halimbawa, why is the employers federation make money? kasi may OFW nagbibigay ng pera, so the more people with more money employers can also pay them moreso what I did this with construction worker they actually told me that they’re contractor was good because they’re not allowed na walang minimum wage they have to get full benefits.

So I told them do you want higher wages? ‘yes’ but do you understand if your wages get out of hand your sub-contractor will not win the contract and if there are no sub-contractor the main contractor cannot do it and no one will make buildings so they also understand it but tama na yung sinabi niya e,’ sir but if our pay is the same but mas mababa yung gastos so meaning if PhilHealth can work with us so I was asking them ‘do you know that you can get free lab test and free x-ray salary , hindi nila alam. but sabi nila ‘sir but even if its free if we absent one day yung 500 na hindi namin kinita today balewala so sabi nila but do you know there are mobile clinics so what if I work out today and they come to the site and my number lang kayo so may pasok sa gabi you eat afterwards and you’ll take the ano…kasi you know my TB ka na hindi ka na pwedeng pumasok you lose how much in the productivity, so sa akin ano e I really regionalize everything. Less power sa central government less power sa Manila put it.. If you have the best DPWH, DA, DTI if you are in region 6 and you are the best DPWH ang ambisyon mo maging NCR director, why? Because NCR directors are next in line of ASEC and USEC thats why all of the best go to Metro Manila. If you are the best in Cebu you should give your best in Cebu so dapat ang regional directors ay parang assistant secretary at ang secretary at USEC are all policy and supervision, implementation dapat in regional so what I do really I threw money at them they just look at the programs, make sure the policy make sure it’s not really patapon yung pera and then let them take risk. Entrepreneurs take risks e so you cannot teach people to be entrepreneurs but not take risk but tama ka naman you can’t say this is the money and you are now an entrepreneur they have to go to some..But I heard in Ateneo their canteen daw they let the students come up to the concept and then…diba so like in city halls, where your Christmas bonuses go? diba sa pag shopping etcetera, so why not have talk to your students; eto ang bonuses a sa June sa December  ganito yung productivity bonus ganyan every ganyan will allow to have a fair or canteens a lot of canteens is one entrepreneur or marami I’m actually also inlove with the concept of Cooperatives e but again ang problema sa coop you have to have business manager na accountant people come together and think just because they’re a coop they’ll be succesful sa business, hindi rin but you can have a coop with a business manager na aral and then swelduhan sila diba, but the coop generates its money and its easier for the government to give money to the coop so for example in the city of Taguig one of the proposals is to rely less on contractors and have  construction coops so for the small for the pathways street and you cut out corruption kasi coops cannot give money na lagay then if you have a pool of equipment that they can rent so they don’t need to buy, they don’t need capital and then aside from the regular minimum wage so that they don’t distort the ano.. and they’ll get their profits in terms of dividends so but it will start small contracts from 500,000 to 1 million so for me l The Chinese are always good in business but how did China as a country become such a great capitalist so maybe we could just be like them, let’s try and try and allow ourselves to experiments and make mistakes.

MB: yes sir to follow up on that, you mention that the Chinese are good in businesses and I know that it’s one of your issues to minimize capital…illegal vendors

AC: Well I believe in best practices e for example in Europe how did they do it for agriculture, they have food terminal ,buying stations but sa atin gumawa ng FTI nawala naman yung train kasi for it to work let’s say bicol, Bicol is too far to supply from Metro Manila mauunahan ka ng Batanggas at Quezon but if you have the trade and then they would buy the products at the right price  kikita ka then sa train dadalhin dito, but having said that hindi mo kailangan ipilit yung produkto mo e so halimbawa yung sa coconut now you can produce coco parks and we have what more than 11 billion in coco levy fund but it’s not being distributed or use so it’s all there eh so the investment way gives you the flexibility to borrow ah another thing for example are airports grabe yung target natin sa tourism and tourism madaling manganak ng mga negosyo because it’s easy to sell anything e but the problem is halos wala tayong halos airports that are moving. I went to an airport in Bicol pati yung arrival nila a-rival ang nakalagay, may karibal ba tong airport na to? nawawala yung isang ‘r’ and how many airport did I go to that all of the x-rays are not working then ang sisisihin nila ang pulis or ang airport authority kapag hindi safe. There is so many small things that we can do that will actually change talaga. Hand tractors for example in Sta. Rita they work yata a thousand a day then it takes 6 days para mag araro. sir 7,000 -12,000 second hand na hand tractor bigay niyo nalang sa coop namin we will still rent it pero 500, so we make 500 a day, So many things that you can do and for a teen ager in Metro Manila 7,000 is what two dinner in a restaurant along The Fort and Makati and everything but by the way I think there are so many affluent families who want to help but don’t know how to so I think the social media can hook up with foundations and with farmer groups, micro entrepreneur and channel kasi tignan mo bakit kung may bagyo Filipinos are so generous e they don’t like begging ayaw nila nung mga nasa kalye na yan but they want to help they want to make sure it gets to the person and they want to make sure it was not a loan out pero may kung sa internet may last mile na hindi naco-connect even dito e so well maraming foundations ngayon like sa kapuso, kapamilya or yung sa channel 5 pero iba yung personal e so halimbawa we are very regionalistic e, so the Bicolanos want to help the Bicolanos, the Ilocanos want to help the Ilocanos etcetera baka that’s one thing that can be done. But I go back to my ano sayo, there has to be a plan that’s why I’m saying in 2020 is about a 7 years perfect vission if your plan is halimbawa health ka and you said you that want all health centers to be equipped at mayroong midwife ang lahat ng health center, I’ll ask you as a group what are you willing to do between now and 2020 para mangyari yan. If you are better in advocacy, If you are better in raising funds raise it, If you say that you can handle a municipality then handle a municipality, If you say you want to go nationwide kasi there is more than enough Filipinos who are like minded ang problema how do we get them together and social media was there it’s not only for fun and for many people advocacy is actually fun. it’s a function. Look at Rajo’s from rugs to richest diba by making his rugs he can do style and he can do livelihood and it doesn’t have to be the richest of the rich and how many of this has done since he launch rugs to richest, ang dami and that’s one person the very popular na designer na good person but still one person can make a big difference.

MB: I think more than trabaho and kita, people are more interested in presyo, because if you have, say, trabaho or kita but the presyo of major commodities are continuous to go high, your spending capacity decreases. And for the longest time, the Filipino is actually looking for a super hero. So when you say we talk about presyo, then people will look up to you, and we look up to you.

AC: I think I have 3 things that others have failed. First of all, these are not my ideas, but these are ideas who know what they’re doing because sila yun eh. These are ideas of the farmers; these are ideas of people in the palengke and everything. So halimbawa, sa palengke I was asking them, so kung wala kang 5-6 are you willing to sell a cheaper— sabi, syempre sir! Kasi instead of having to go to 30% pwedeng 20% nalang ang kita ko kasi yung buong 20 makukuha ko. So that’s one thing. Secondly, much more active ngayon ang social media and ang traditional media. That’s why we’re, you know it’s a risk for me to use PTK because I could win with anti-corruption. But the problem is, after the election, walang ano eh, walang movement sa PTK. But with popularizing PTK, there will be a demand eh. Like kayo lang di ba? As in probably what? A period of 3 months, 6 months, afterwards you’ll be blogging na oh nasaan na si PTK? Na-PTK na ba? Nawala na ba? And everything. So, while it’s a risk, it’s one I’m willing to take because I know it can work and then for example no, malamang ayaw ng administrasyon ibababa yung vat sa gasolina. That’s one thing kasi that can help stabilize the prize eh. We have a win fall kasi sa gas eh, because everytime it goes up a percentage of tax eh. So my proposal, make it floating. Kapag mababa yung presyo ng gas, make it 12%, pagtumaas yung presyo ng gas make it 6%. Because it’s only price of oil products that is so sensitive. Pag tumaas ang product ng oil, everything tumataas eh. Di ba? Pamasahe, everything no. So that’s one thing that we can do. Yun lang naman hinihingi ko eh na dun lang sa ano di ba. The third thing is that I have to be thankful to President for this and everyone who worked for it no, is we’re in the position kasi that so much confidence in business eh. And we’re in the place that we want to be here no. The world is looking for investment, etc. What I’m saying is that, siguro yung dating mga politiko¸they’re saying mag 150 km/hour tayo. Ang problema ¬they were not the lucky day Feb 1950’s or 60’s Toyota or whatever no. Now kasi we’re in the Porsche, so ang question ko na, bakit 60/km lang ang tinakbo natin eh naka Porsche tayo di ba, so tutal para sa tao ‘to let’s try 100, let’s try 120, let’s try 150. But an example, 30% of all bangus in Metro Manila is produced from the Laguna Lake, walang cold storage. So when they sell, fish owners to ha sa mayayaman to ha, I mean hindi ‘to yung mga marginal farmers ha, they can’t dictate the price eh, so pag-ani nila kung ano ang takbuhan. But with kung cold storage you can, because if the government says I will buy it at 50 pesos di ba. So the farmers will say na why would I sell it at 45, 50. Then you know FTI nung buhay pa sya ha, nung high school ako I was entrepreneurial eh. I go to Tagytay and buy beef and pork and then pag weekends I’ll go around BF sa mga kaibigan ko and kung anong order nila I deliver it. And 15 to 20% kikitain ko. So you know by simply putting a train, you saved 10%. So I also have a platform that does not do-able. Schools ganun din. Sometimes we’re so afraid na may corruption. Ang bagal nung project. So halimbawa, you’re so afraid that there will be 5% to 10% corruption, by the next year inflation alone for the materials no, official inflation might be 4-5% but the cost of making that building is 15%. So you lost more than you save sa corruption and secondly one year ‘di nakapag-aral, one year siksikan yung classroom. So you know that’s what people are forgetting now eh. I think I’m reminding the government. That’s why it’s graft and corruption. Ang corruption may kick-back ka, kumita ka sa project. Ang graft is inefficiency. So for example, you buy medicine, may kick-back kang 20% graft yun ahh eh corruption yun. But if you bought the medicine, totally tama yung presyo but you put it in a warehouse, two years mong nakalimutan, nasira yung gamot, it was not used, graft yun. So you know by simply being slow in implementing projects and using the bad cause of money and everything, it’s graft eh. So I believe just by having, that’s why I’m putting FOI eh. Sabi ko nga FOI is so simple, wag na kayong matakot na hingin yung information, just put it o the web. Everyone’s saying kasi, may narinig akong nagcomment, eh paano kung ano buong araw nagrerequest nalang sa paglabas ng dokyumento, walang problema eh. Put all the documents in the web. I’m not saying that it will happen. I’m saying that they will come. I’m saying that it’s not Alan’s program eh, it’s our program. But I need the publicity first so that people will believe in it then I need the faith then I need people who’ll work talaga. But these are people who are desperate enough to go to 5-6 diba, that if you give them 3% and tell them oh ito deal natin ha, we’ll give you 3% interest but you sell 5% cheaper. So I think it’s do-able.

MB: What have you done for the youth of this country so far? And what are your future plans for young people? And what’s your plan for Sangguniang Kabataan?

AC: Very quickly, I always believe that the best thing to give the youth is education, so at the start of this administration their policy was to make your own money and I have explained for the government, it quietly takes some rallies in the senate that “iba ang US, mayayaman ayung alumni and yung mga campuses nila is on the middle of the city”, sa atin only 15% graduates and you have to do this, I’ve done a lot of projects for the youth, sports to livelihood  although my wife is the Mayor of Taguig we’ve done a lot of research together, we’ve done a lot of practices when we travel we always ask how scholarships are done that’s why she was able to convert from 5million lang na scholarship in Taguig it’s now 300million, students from Taguig have their uniforms na nakatahi na, pens and notebooks and everything so I have small projects all over what’s my thing is sa SK, they are saying na i-abolish yung SK because tinuturuan maging corrupt yung bata. At the first place bakit mo i-aabolish yung tinuturuan maging corrupt? Bakit hindi mo i-abolish yung nagtuturo maging corrupt, so kung yung matatandang politico ang nagtuturo sa mga bata maging corrupt, dapat yung matandang politico ang i-abolish, yung posisyon nila hindi yung bata. Having said that the SK age now is too young I wat to go back to the age, 16 hanggang 21, the prefer for Chairmen to be is from 18 to 21 because the between 14 to 17 is a little bit too young not for project a but first of all they are still in school they don’t have a set , remember that UN defined youth until 25 so actually yung 14,15,16 hindi mo naiimpluwensyahan yung 20 above but when you’re 18-21 and maganda diskarte mo you can influence those who are 25 and so on. And right now a lot of the parents, pasensya na sa mga kaibigan kong SK, they are this cases na yung parents nila nakikialam and wala din silang choice because baka may mangyari din sa anak nila kapag may pinapapurmahan na anything. But I think it’s a nice program for the SK, I think we should educate the leaders young, education, education. And lastly sa K-12, DepEd is trying to add 2 years to highschool I think that would add to dropouts and my proposal is to add 2 years to pre-school, parents mas gusto naman nila mag stay dun yung kids and all study show that the younger you teach a person the better they take the learning. So, since this is not the priority of the administration I tell them to get in the soul, they are focusing on the thinking e, math, English, science, they are forgetting the music, the arts and the sports according to the study of OECD the employment, education to employment 8 out of 10 educators said we’re preparing them na may makukuha silang employment 4 out of 10 employers said they are ready for employment, they have this great school where they have good graduate na hindi nila kinukuha because they don’t know team work so there sports is one way to develop team work kaya tutuksuhin ka kung madupang ka e, so when we took out the basketball court the football field, the baseball fields there are no more swimming pools, there are no more chess sets even though chess is one on one you know na madupang e kapag ayaw makipagpalit and anything e, so these are the things that I’ve been fighting for in the senate and building all of that Congressman of Taguig for example we build from scratch of science and technology to the highschool that Is winning awards, before you have to go to Thailand for good aquarium but now we had it on Manila. By that now you can see we can do and what we need is to open doors.

MB: Having said about the sports, because your city is katabi nyan Laguna de Bay, parang wala akong nakikitang development. Because diba it can be a good place for recreation.

AC: Very quickly, the baseball field wasn’t prepared, because what I do for Taguig is to take care of the national side because I am a senator so I deal with the DPWH, the mayor and their groups was to take care of the local and so we meet halfway when it is national. So the DPWH said that their PPP was the C-6. And we have 8kilometers runway for jogging and biking path but we couldn’t do it nga kasi they are demolishing some parts and but there are another 3hectares on the water na tinatambakan na but the reason why hindi finastract we’re waiting for the C6 plans kasi baka sagasaan so they said na they are moving the C6 and they are moving 300hectares so I say that the next 3 years . And one thing that I meet secretary Robredo but unfortunately he passed away, expensive kasi sa Metro Manila is not the building it’s the land so we we’re offering the joint venture sa camp Bagong Diwa we’ll make a coliseum sa kanilang land and we share the time we are working it out now with the officials by the way it’s self liquidating a, because there are this cases lie in Europe na kapag winter pala hindi sila makapaglaro ng football so they are looking for places na they can play and rent it for 2months and they are paying for it too much. So there are things we can do but in Metro Manila mahal ang lupa pero may pera ang local government but in provinces baliktad and laki0laki ng lupa pero they don’t have funds to develop their lands so throw it to the local government. Ako kasi medyo macro na yung tingin ko kasi I am a senator when you talk to the mayor of brgy. Captain ang lapit sa tao e and by that they know what to build right away. But we’re also building a lot of parks anyway, but now it’s pocket parks because diba we can build parks within 50msq. A small park. That’s good because we keep on saying that family, but wala ng mapuntahan yung family ng libre, sa mall separate yun a may pupunta ng sine but you got to spend money unlike sa park maghiwalay man kayo kakain parin kayo together and it’s very important that we have parks sa mentality ng pinoy minsan o sa gobyerno may Makita lang libre gusto productive lalagyan agad ng stalls or you really have to bring back. I was so shock when I told my brother because he was on states sabi ko Bro Grabe yung political will nasave nila yung central park without building everything in alam mo sabi niya sakin ano yung grabe yung political will? Kalahati niyan may bahay dinemolish nila para magkapark but binayaran nila yan. Then generations later everyone is happy that in the middle of jungle there is this park.

MB: Did you make a park in Taguig?

AC: There are a couple of that already.

MB: Yeah, Pia told me.

AC: Yeah!

MB: You really like art to be develop by the government because that’s the people tend to like nowadays

AC: The one in The Fort is there, but every piece of land na bakante or they either lease we’ll start building so by the C6 since it’s a vacant land.

MB: Future plans?

AC: Actually we have a urban planner and he’s planning everything.

MB: The one that Pia talking?

AC: What she’s talking about is beside our house there was a parking of van so it is always noisy, so they ask our neighbor how much if we rent it, it’s 1100 sqm. It cost for less than 15 thousand and we made it a children’s park and instantly mother’s who used to play bingo are with their child in the park. And if we have some events for example Donaire was in Taguig and we have dinner sa bahay naming we went to the park and he didn’t wait he asked “what can I do?” so in Christmas etc. what we did is to rent the inflatables and kids are there like in private subdivision so what ate Pia did was she do some, because kami kasi if kailangan mo ng pondo you can use it so we get fund from brgy. Captains and etc. so we have our own donors so that’s what happen with that so our Paskuhan Village are for free and can be accommodated by thousands of people, one warehouse we just converted it and made it like parang ibang iba’t-ibang continents na parang cut outs and everything then we have we have widescreen and gave it for free. So people people will have places to go and stay there for the whole night.

MB: I think that’s a good idea that we should replicate..

AC: Yes, it’s about time na, you will not know naman e until you try.

MB: Wi-fi area na po yung mga parks niyo sa Taguig?

AC: Hindi pa pero our graduations are E-Graduation so OFW can watch it live, ang Prom namin was also nakalive streaming din. And they are trying to negotiate like Wi-tribe, globe, smart first there was an offer kung magkano ko iwawi-fi yung buong Taguig, but I don’t know what happen dun sa negotiations but I think that’s what they want to do, but I think they are gonna start to government facilities like college, city halls that was there plan and kaya lang medyo mabagal lang kasi sa dami ng gumagamit. And if they can bring some pocket devices naman so they can stay there all day and I think Filipino naman nowadays is you know like in their houses what they are doing is itatapat na lang nila yung computers nila sa casket if there’s someone dead, and kaya iba pa rin yung view nung nasa bahay ka lang e.

MB: ……..

AC: first of all I think the most important is paano yung may mga disabilities, diba they are saying na sir diba sa batas each LGU may requirement sa person with disabilities and sa senior citizen pero kokonti ang nagiimplement in the DILG to tell all that DILG because if the DILG will be force to use that percentage because diba lahat ng public buildings may batas na hindi dapat bigyan ng building permit etc unless it’s accessible, we we’re actually in talk with the… kasi I have a Swiss friend work with the foundation that they make this E-vehicles pero  kayang iakyat yung mga wheel chairs kasi sa US diba baliktad yung kapag sasakay ka tapos pag sila inunahan mo sisigawan ka ng tao. So aside for enforcement ang kailangan natin is the awareness the same thing with the motorcycle, motorcycles have the same rights as the car drivers but how many drivers have this. But siyempre some riders have not overtaken the right but what I want to say is the value and mentality transformation is more important e kasi that one thing that I say sa US it’s not only the funds and the program e, it’s the mentality that everyone have to do their parts. Sa US nakita ko, may humarang na kotse sa ambulansya ang ginawa niya talagang makikipag away sila. E sa atin wang-wang ng wang-wang yung ambulansya ibubuka yung daan pero ang gagawin mo susundan mo sa likod e para mas mabilis ka but that’s your mentality e, but how come in Subic we follow traffic rules because it’s really enforced e ako I think you know certain LGU should get some certain examples then others will follow but I do agree to the legislative laws na gawin talaga because the thing also is income opportunity IT also offers income opportunity to pursuit to PWD. And kasi I was the chairman of the education community all around the world 8-10 person ang may disability tayo we go from 12-14% nasa 12 tayo and very few school districts offer special education and so one of my bills offers that 10% of social education fund must go to SPED just to create some test but some of this are just testing a halimbawa hearing or seeing disability some of them are just testing and some of them are can be help, my sister kasi lahat ng anak niya may problems e kasi they have sobrang chromosomes e so like our projects is giving hearing aids and for the cleft etc. And you will be surprise na some of them are now okay they can see and they can now hear.

MB: …..

AC: Talking about the Senior citizens esp. those who are fighting for the expanded senior citizen, no one imagine this in the past na this will happen the same thing with the FOI we’re not expecting that but we are getting there so by fighting for this by raising the awareness and creating the demand, and as I said as the internet was expanding the gap is less.

MB: Recently, they discover the offshore accounts of Imee Marcos and the point is you, if you have offshare accounts?

AC: No, I have a share account with my brother when my dad was sicked but I gave it to him and the highest amount of that is I think 10thousand dollars and in abroad I am always been open to my share accounts and balances I was in Boy Abunda in 2007 for the closure of all of that sometimes hindi siya in detailed but the whole amount is there for example I have account when I was in UPL, DTL and I know I still have 500 pesos there but I never went back in there so don’t put the account but I put that 500 in there just in case kailanganin it’s still buhay but I don’t have big invested in there.

MB: Tapos I think also that one the issues in there are you know political dynasty, and I want to ask, what’s your opinion about that dynasty issues?

AC: If you look at the constitution ano, aside from the political dynasty is the equal opportunity for the people to b elected, so I say if you look at around the world I mean to some democratic countries you will see some dynasties if you define dynasties is “may kamag-anak ka” so halimbawa George Sr. and George are become president that’s dynasty. Hillary Clinton was also sound for President and some are saying that she is the front runner but it was never issue in the US in fact the attorney General of the US talks about John F Kennedy but why is it, it becomes issue there it is because of the accountability and because everyone has the fair chance to run and there are two issues in there one is corruption and the other one is the opportunities to run. And as far the opportunities to run it’s not about the name it’s the funding for me a, kami baliktad kami a marami kaming Cayetano but ang mali ng isa, mali ng lahat and if they find us strong baliktad pa rin sisirain ka nila, so what I’m saying is that it’s not the fact that magkamag-anak kayo sa gobyerno it’s more of the equalization like isa ka lang pero corrupt ka then you should not be on the government, then kung marami kayo , you represent your own issue and if I am fighting for certain thing, kay Allan. But if you’re fighting wrong thing then yung brother ni Pia.

MB: It’s basically level the playing field in everyone…

AC: It won’t be the anti-dynasty that will level the playing field, if you level the playing field but you still have corruption it would be people with huge amount of moneys or artistas or newscasters im not saying that’s wrong a they are a good actor/politicians but im saying na these are the peoples that are known by the process they’ll be cabinet member but not everyone is great and if you eliminate that what we so called sikat it won’t happen, what we have to do is to create a system where excellent, brilliant, outstanding Filipinos with no political backing can win and we need to get them access to there from social medias or traditional media and get them where they can get some funds easily, right now I will give you candidate like Bro. Eddie people love him grabe ang support but it’s so hard for you to raise money because if you says that everyone love him but how can you give it to him but if you can text a load to share some funds then it becomes easy. Hindi naman tayo katulad ng US na everyone is can make send some checks but satin hindi e, napaka hirap magshare ng funds. Halimbawa my wife diba, she was brought up in the carinderia by the SS LGU in Bulacan it was nine years that when she meet na yung anak mayor yung asawa Vice mayor and yung treasurer binabantayan yung balota na tauhan ni GMA when GMA was still the president diba? Not because of dynasty but it’s because we are underdog there we didn’t have money we didn’t have some this things when she run in the Congress she have this 300 thousand things and she won. And if you ask me why your brother run, it is because I think the other one would not be a good Congressman, and there you have to also find winners talking about the local a halimbawa kay GMA wala naming lumabalan kay GMA e not that because she was well known etc. but because grabe na ang machinery at pera niya dun sa distrito. But im sure if someone would run and there are 100million Filipinos 70% doesn’t like her so if anyone says that I’ll give 5pesos to people who will try to fight GMa in the election and that’s 350 million pesos but how do you do it? Wala tayong sistema sa Pilipinas to do it.

MB: How about those in your local city like in Taguig do you do?

AC: Yes we do. For example our Vice Mayor was a former tricycle driver.

MB: Example my sister run in the US and she won…

AC: It is because she had a good party list and good mechanism to raise money and that is why we do mentor at the point that they can do against. I want to believe that I was a Cayetano. I win the 1999 election but what happen is in 1998 my dad was a senator and yung kalaban ko is have 5 to 10 times the money I have my leaders were already crying the day of election because punong-puno ng tao yung kabila and the people say that sir naka t-shirt lang kami pero ikaw yung binoto namin and I thought it was in true but it turned out to be true na ang lamang ko is 17thousand then they say that I was a Cayetano but I don’t know a. I never learn to play laughs with my brothers and sister I didn’t take summer vacation etc. I was always in Taguig, I was playing basketball in the streets, I am eating everywhere in Taguig, palengke, burger machines and that’s the life that I enjoy and I chose kaya yung minementor mo has to enjoy it because marami sa poor but deserving they don’t want to mentor sa politics they want to mentor sa business to find money. Because ang problema sa politics is you have to accept na magiging simple ang buhay mo and many of course you said “sandali makatikim muna ako ng ano, kasi ako lang sa pamilya naming nakagraduate, ako lang sa pamilya ko ang bubuhay sa kanila” so patatakbuhin mo koas konsehal tapos tatlo pang kapatid ko nag aaral baka turuan siya maging corrupt so it’s getting there but it’s not that easy.

MB: Anong tingin mo for the next 25 years.

AC: I think it’s changing pa but I think getting worst at the same time.

MB: So what do you think?

AC: In modern politics you do have dynasties, but me and my contribution will get more democratic and more merit base thing, it’s really fighting for the right. I announced it and in the streets someone gave me 1000 and may nag text sakin na sir tama ka na it took 6months for me to save 700 but if it would change politics then I’m giving you the 700 kasi it was in Pampanga and then after I won I bought him maong pants and I was so touched, imagine someone who has to save six months, whoever you are if you’re online I’d like to meet you someday but he texted me that day ano imagine his devotion for the country diba? And I was, buti kung for President, if it’s for president you’ll think that guy can change the country tapos one senator was going against GMA that really inspired me na pwede magchange eh kailangan lang ng eye-opener.

MB: I remember Obama in 2008, he want to contribute to candidate.

AC: It was that other we’re so confident that diba it turned out to be such a great campaign and advocacy before it was said that it is impossible. First of all right now the COMELEC cannot do the proposals they didn’t talk to the telcos to happen right now a the regulation you have to kaya sabi ko kalokohan, bakit? Because you’re under the role 200 million, 10million, 5 million.


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