Sotto’s Sarcastic Remarks on CyberCrime Prevention Act

Amid the high clamor against RA10175, otherwise known as the Cyber Crime Prevention Law, the bill law takes effect today, Oct 3, as the Supreme Court failed to release a temporary restraining order as requested by the 7 petitions separately filed by different groups of lawyers, bloggers and netizens.

Earlier this morning, Senate Majority Floor Leader Vicente Sotto III went on rounds of radio interview, airing his comment about the law. Some of his sentiments are published here. Tito Sotto was known to insert the highly contested libel clause in the law.

I am highly irritated by the air of sarcasm that this senator shows on these interviews. He totally misses the point of the clamor itself, but instead of addressing these points of argument, he verbally pukes out his defense appearing as if he wants public personalities (including him) against online criticisms. He makes the law sounds like it is the Protection of Celebrities and Public Figures Law instead of a law protecting the rights of the people.

I submit that the issue of decriminalization of libel is highly debatable during these times. Freedom of speech is a double-edged sword and must be wielded very responsibly. Although, as a blogger, I would want to reserve and exercise my right to freely express myself; I would always make sure that my expression of this right is within the limits of being responsible. I understand that this may be the primary reasons of those who voted for this law, however, Sotto,  sounds  like he inserted this clause in order to protect himself personally. His sarcastic remarks work against him, digging his hole to unpopularity.

Personal convictions have no place within the halls of the legislative chambers. Each Member of the Congress acts as the representative of the people and should not air such arrogance as I feel is shown by Sotto. Arrogance may have a place within Senate but it should be backed up, at least, by intellect. This Senator has a history of derailing important and urgent bills and now, we witness how he can sneak out his personal interests in the expense of the general populace. We should be very wary of this person: Sotto should be watched.

PS. There are online petitions ongoing to Sanction Sotto for his plagiarism issue almost a month ago. Please do join our online petitions.
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1 Million Signatures in 30 Days to OUST Tito Sotto from the Philippine Senate by Matt Quiros

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