List of 33 Senatorial candidates and twitter account

Here are the 33 candidates for the Senate position

1. Hontiveros, Ana Theresia N. @risahontiveros

1. De Los Reyes, John Carlos G. @jc_delosreyes
2. Llasos, Marwil N. @iluvmarwilop
3. David, Rizalito Y. @LitoYapDavid

1. Belgica, Greco Antonious Beda B. @greco_belgica
2. Falcone, Baldomero C. @BalFalcone
3. Señeres, Christian M. @Seneres2013

1. Angara, Juan Edgardo M. @sonnyangara

1. Aquino, Paolo Benigno IV A. @bamaquino
2. Madrigal, Maria Ana Consuelo A. @TheRealJamby
3. Magsaysay, Ramon Jr., B. @rmagsaysayjr

1. Casiño, Teodoro A. @teddycasino

1. Cayetano, Alan Peter S. @alanpcayetano
2. Trillanes, Antonio IV F. @TrillanesSonny
3. Villar, Cynthia A. @Cynthia_Villar

1. Enrile, Juan Ponce Jr., C. @jackenrile
2. Legarda, Lorna Regina B. @loren_legarda

1. Pimentel, Aquilino Martin III D. @Koko_Pimentel

1. Alcantara, Samson S. @SamsonAlcantara

1. Binay, Maria Lourdes Nancy S. @nancybinay
2. Cojuangco, Margarita R. @TingCojuangco
3. Ejercito, Joseph Victor G. @jvejercito
4. Gordon, Richard J. @Aksyon_Gordon
5. Honasan, Gregorio B. @gringo_honasan
6. Maceda, Ernesto M. @SenMaceda
7. Magsaysay, Maria Milagros Esperanza H. @mitosmagsaysay
8. Zubiri, Juan Miguel F. @migzzubiri

1. Escudero, Francis Joseph G. @saychiz
2. Llamanzares, Mary Grace P. @GracePoe2013
3. Hagedorn, Edward S. @EdwardHagedorn
4. Montaño, Ramon E.
5. Penson, Richard L.

6. Bro Ed Villanueva @Bro_Eddie

Source of names : @chairbrillantes on twitter
Source of twitter names: researched by @momblogger

The 50 candidates declared as nuisance:

1. Abella, Alma L.
2. Ajel, Remelyn T.
3. Baguio, Florentino F.
4. Bantolo, Rosario S.
5. Bernardino, Aeric P.
6. Bula, Leonardo C.
7. Cabrera, Rafael M.
8. Cadag, Victorio Angelo A.
9. Cadion, Leo M.
10. Capular, Elizabeth S.
11. Chavez, Melchor G.
12. Cailing, Patrocino A.
13. Dazo, Catalino A.
14. Dimaya, Arsenio T.
15. Donato, Juanito E.
16. Escosura, Anisio B.
17. Espinosa, Manuel P.
18. Factor, Generoso J.
19. Fernandez, Eduardo Syamasundar-Das P.
20. Galang, Virgilio J.
21. Garay, Roque F.
22. Gorostiza, Byron Adriano D.
23. Handumon, Benjamin S Jr.
24. Insigne, Manuel E.
25. Jolongbayan, Edwin S.
26. LacanLuisongTagean, Salam Ed E Jr.
27. Lagata, Merlito O.
28. Lawag, Victor S.
29. Lope, Wendell H.
30. Magtira, Daniel R.
31. Maluenda, Severo L Jr.
32. Mandap, Elena L.
33. Marcos, Francis Leo A.
34. Ning, Carlito P.
35. Nocon, Valeriano III P.
36. Nueva, Norma C
37. Pancho, Wenceslao P Jr.
38. Po, Manuel A.
39. Rirao, Marlon G.
40. Rojas, Erickson Eli Felix B.
41. Salangsang, Pepito S.
42. Santosidad, Rebecca C.
43. Soriano, Cosme Omie P.
44. Suerte, Orlando G.
45. Sulibit, Nonato M.
46. Sy, Johnny Chris H.
47. Talag, Alfonso E Jr.
48. Tomol, Rogelio C.
49. Villamor, Ulyn E.
50. Wood, Victor N.

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I am an advocate. I am NOT neutral. I will NOT give social media mileage to members of political clans, epal, a previous candidate for the same position and those I believe are a waste of taxpayers’ money.

I do not support or belong to any political party.

She was a Senior Consultant for ALL media engagements for the PCOO-led Committee on Media Affairs & Strategic Communications (CMASC) under the ASEAN 2017 National Organizing Council from January 4 -July 5, 2017. Having been an ASEAN advocate since 2011, she has written extensively about the benefits of the ASEAN community and as a region of opportunities on Blog Watch and

Organization affiliation includes Consortium on Democracy and Disinformation

Updated Juky 15, 2019

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