The P-noy Principle

Twitter is buzzing with disappointment towards the President’s decision not to include the Reproductive health bill in the 17 priority bills. While Senator Pia Cayetano calls it “indicisive leadershp” , a comment in a forum calls this the “P-noy Principle”:

The peter principle states that ultimately everyone is promoted to there level of incompetence. That happened with p-noy a long time ago so we need something else to describe his situation.

The p-noy principle. If you lack passion and pride and personal ambition then you will never be a true leader of people, but can be a convenient puppet for the power brokers.

Imagine the cry of disappointment from KC:

What happened, P-Noy? Why did I vote for you? You really misrepresented yourself. I am so very disappointed.

True, the RH Bill has not been scrapped yet but it means that it is not a priority. Imagine, it has been 16 years. All objections have been discussed, rehashed and debated. All these are delaying tactics.

Now while the president thinks that critics are all out to just hit him, he has to remember that supporters voted for him because of his pro-RH stand. Top twitter for then presidential candidate @bluevill says to the president:

PNoy should go with the people and follow his conscience re RH bill

PNoy- There may be other urgent bills to prioritize but the fact dat RH bill has been there for 16 yrs already has more reasons to prioritize it.

Here are other tweets for the day: