CBCP-NASSA to release findings on Philex disaster on October 2

by Bernie Lopez

CBCP-NASSA, which was the source of my article entitled “BREAKING NEWS – PHILEX “LEAK” IS MASSIVE possibly 5 mmt into the agno river”, has announced that they will release their full report on October 2, 2012. Their report is based on a fact finding mission where they were accompanied by the DENR. It will be complete with photographs.

This is not to keep everyone in suspense. They need time to make the report comprehensive and accurate. The Philex disaster will go down in history as a first in terms of extent and impact, and will influence all future mining policies of the government.

The Philex disaster is sending a message to President Aquino and the DENR-MGB-EMB not to approve the flawed ECC of Xstrata-SMI, which will build a 1.35 billion metric-ton tailings dam, 135 times that of Philex, underneath an earthquake fault in perpetuity at the heart of Central Mindanao, one of the nation’s bread basket. Xstrata-SMI’s ECC was criticized by foreign experts Robert Goodland and Clive Wicks as failing the standards of responsible mining.

If President Aquino still approves the Xstrata-SMI ECC, he is morally answerable to the Filipino people even if he is no longer in office. His officials in the DENR, MGB, EMB, CHR, NCIP should all resign in support of the cause of the people of Mindanao, who are the potential victims on a massive extent beyond human comprehension.

Bernie Lopez
eastwind journals, Opinyon Magazine