Third IMMAP Open Mic Night on August 17: Nominate a topic #iLivefor

Blog Watch is proud to be a media partner for the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) Third Open Mic Night. This time around the “IMMAP Open Mic Night” entitled Open Mic Night Live held at Time in Makati on August 17.

According to Carlo Ople, “the format for the 3rd Open Mic Night is “Classic”, which basically means anyone can come up to the stage during the event and speak. The topics are pre-determined though via the organizers. To nominate a topic just tweet with the hashtag #iLivefor. The topic should center around anything you live for, cannot live without, or changed your life.”

For the first week, until Monday August 6, just nominate your favorite topic via the Twitter hashtag #iLivefor or on the Facebook Open Mic Night event page.

Paul John Mendoza Peña, VP of IMMAP adds:

It will be the most exciting gathering of digital marketing experts from online publishers, telcos, digital agencies, brands, e-commerce, mobile and internet suppliers. Past Open Mic Nights were heavily tweeted and talked about by industry leaders, buzz makers and even by the media. The Open Mic Night series has proven itself to be a game changer breaking away from conference norms in the Philippines and we look forward to another engaging night that will truly inspire action from the community.

The IMMAP Open Mic is free to attend and there will be an open bar for attendees. If you have never seen an Open Mic Night, watch this short video recap made by TV5 for IMMAP Open Mic Night 2.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #iLivefor on Twitter or visit the Open Mic Night event page on Facebook.

See you all on August 17.