Outraged after Mubarak doesn’t resign

So Mubarak did not resign after all.

From CNN.com

Thousands of people waved Egyptian flags and roared, “Get out! Get out!” in Cairo’s Tahrir Square as President Hosni Mubarak said late Thursday he was delegating power to his vice president and made no mention of stepping down.

“I don’t know if he has a brain or if his brain is elsewhere,” one protester in the square said, expressing frustration that Mubarak appeared to be saying that he enjoyed support from most Egyptians.

Watching Mubarak’s address on what appeared to be a sheet hoisted over the square, the crowd became angry as they heard Mubarak say he would “delegate powers” to Vice President Omar Suleiman but did not mention leaving office. They broke into cries of, “Illegitimate!” and “Mubarak the coward must stand down.”

Estimate says there are 2 Million People who are protesting at Tahrir Square In Cairo Egypt. Egyptians continue to protest and greets Mubarak speech with their shoes.

The protests will persist but the questions remain : who is really in charge? Mubarak? Suleiman? One said “Mubarak lost his golden opportunity.”

Here is the latest in photos and tweets in Tahrir square

source of photo: via twitter