The Elephant Mali #SaveMali

PETITION : Urgent! Take Action to Save Lonely, Miserable, Elephant


Vishwamali or Mali for short is the elephant that was given to Imelda Marcos by the Sri Lankan government. For more than 30 years Mali is inside the enclosure of Manila Zoo , which triggered her psychological distress and and affected her physical well-being. And because of this issues regarding Mali’s health , Henry Richardson from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) conducted a visual examination of Mali’s physical apperance and he noticed that Mali has chronic pressure sores open to contamination as well as foot ailments, includes overgrown cuticles, cracked nails and pads wherein bacteria can thrive and can cause serious infection that can lead to the elephant’s death.

And because of problems that Mali is suffering , the PETA and other animal rights advocates had long been clamoring for Mali’s immediate transfer at a sanctuary in United Stated with other 14 elephants , PETA is willing to pay for Mali’s immediate transfer if the authorities of the Manila Zoo will allow them , only then the elephant will be transfered to the sanctuary.

But the Manila Zoo authority insisted that Mali has been in the zoo since she was 4 years old and may no longer adapt well in the wild , also the zoo said that they are paying enough attention in order to sustain Mali’s needs. And disagreed to immediate transfer of the elephant to the sanctuary.

PETA made a petition to end Mali’s long-suffering and for her immediate transfer to the sanctuary wherein it will be easier for her to adapt because she will be able to roam freely and interact with the fellow elephants.

Lets end Mali’s long-suffering , Lets sign the petition that will soon ease her pain.

PETITION : Urgent! Take Action to Save Lonely, Miserable, Elephant

Always remember , humans wants to be free and not to be enclose in an enclosure that limits our comfortability, same thing happens to animals.

Treat them with ethics. #SaveMali

(credits to PhilStar and Philippine Daily Inquirer)

Jann Ericko Naga – Medina.

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Photo via Inquirer.

Jann is a 14-year-old senior high school student. Despite of his age, Jann has been passionate about social issues and as well as ethical issues that rocks the country and captures the interest of the public.
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He called himself as “Opinionated Jann” because he can express his opinions without hesitation especially when it comes to expressing it using the social media , he believes that social media is the new way of touching peoples lives and giving them awareness.
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