Double standard on removal of sexy men’s billboard in Guadalupe

There is mixed reaction on the removal of the Bench billboard that featured the members of the Philippine rugby team posing in their underwear. The billboards feature “members of the team showing off their well sculpted bodies as they posed in their colored underwear.” Mandaluyong City Mayor Benhur Abalos asked the advertisers to take down the billboard of the Philippine Volcanoes along EDSA-Guadalupe.

check the set of billboards

Maybe it looks like double standard to you but I have always been against billboards that are inappropriate. Around 5 years ago on June 2006, I protested a Bayantel ad near the Guadalupe MRT station, that featured a semi-naked woman with a “pleased expression” , to put it mildly. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE (sic)?

Bayantel changed the ad on July 2006 to a a kid enjoying an ice cream cone . Quite wholesome indeed.

From this

to this ad.

This is not the first time Bench figured in sexy billboard ads. In October 2006, I wrote ban on billboards.

When I blogged about the ban on billboards , Bayani Fernando initiated the dismantling of these billboards. But some local mayor arrested the MMDA workers and Bayani got smacked with a restraining order to cease and desist the dismantling. Why? Because these ad agencies have the right to recoup their investments on their gigantic billboards. Or are they protecting the pockets of the local government conspirators?

This billboard controversy has been going on every now and then . Until one does not complain, there is no action. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) drew up new regulations on advertising billboards. However, a Catholic priest is being tapped to be one of the members. “Fr. Roderick Castro, parish priest of National Shrine of Lady of Guadalupe, was tapped by the MMDA to be part of the body that will come up with a list of prohibitions on content of billboards.” @bethangsioco questions this move “why should a priest determine what should and shouldn’t be seen by people? Is this your way of censorship?”

I do find the billboard inappropriate for a “general patronage” or public area where families with small kids can view it. Unfortunately, I never get to pass by EDSA these days. It is just too congested. If I do see an inappropriate billboard, I will definitely blog about it.

Here are twitter reactions on the billboard removal.