#SONA2012 : What to expect in President @Noynoyaquino Third State of the Nation Address

It’s report card time for the President of the Philippines!

President’s Aquino’s third SONA will be delivered on July 23 and once again, the nation can anticipate a number of things.

Evaluation time

In theory, the SONA is the chance for people to evaluate how well he’s kept up with his campaign promises from two years ago. In reality, it’s when the president boasts of his mediocre performance and brandishes about numbers, facts and figures that don’t necessarily translate to the improvement of lives of the common man. read more

Here are some expectations on Twitter. Most of the expectations are fulfilling ” his promises and getting the #RHBill passed, and the #FOI too”. There are calls for moving on from Former President Gloria Arroyo since she has cases filed against her.

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