Medical Professional Organization’s Position paper on the consolidated house bill on breastfeeding

Various medical professional organizations issued a position paper to speak in behalf of the millions of Filipino infants, children their mothers and fathers. They expressed their dissent over attempts to substantively amend the existing breastfeeding related law which are successfully being implemented. The House bill should it be passed into law, will drastically negate the medical progress achieved through breastfeeding and place infants and young children at risks of infection such as diarrhea, pneumonia, otitis media , developmental impairment , allergic disorders, obesity and even death.

Because of the steady progress of breastfeeding rates in the Philippines and the numerous potentially negative repercussions with the proposed amendments to existing breastfeeding laws , the medical professional organizations urge the honorable representatives of Congress to rethink their proposal , heed their conscience and be co-advocates in the promotion of good health for our infants and young Filipino children who are the hope of the nation.

Public interest and common good , especially of the young who cannot speak for themselves must always be upheld over business and self-interests . Upholding the rights of parents to make informed choices protects their children’s rights to survival, development and protection as stated in the United Nations Convention on the rights of the Child.

Here is full copy of their position paper which you can download and read.

Position paper on the consolidated house bill on breastfeeding

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Here is the draft substitution bill.

Draft Substitute bill on Breastfeeding as of July 09, 2012