Bantay ARMM Registration Day 4: first casualty #ARMMGenReg

via Assemblywoman Samira Gutoc-Tomawis

The first casualty of the registration has been identified as MR. SAID GURO, 17, shot at Bgy Dilausan, Lumbac a Unayan municipality, Lanao del Sur. He was a nephew of the mayor and a student of Al-Kwarizmi College (AKIC).

He was killed at about 6:30 in the morning, confirms 103rd Brigade Commander Daniel Lucero.

42,605 have already filed their registration forms as of today, updates Provincial Election Supervisor (PES) Nasib Yasin who expects a decrease from the original 522,000 voters of Lanao del Sur, the second largest voting province in ARMM.

The registrants were warned that the mere filing of a form is a mere application and can be denied by the Election Registration Board.

Photo via Samira Gutoc-Tomawis